Saturday, April 13, 2024

Vacation 4/13 thru 4/21 & April/May Sessions

In a few hours I'll be in a seat, on a plane, paradise-bound, for a good long week. Time for sun, sand, getting tan, and stretching. 

4/13 thru 4/21 ~ Vacation/No Sessions

4/24 thru 4/25 ~ New York City/Fully Booked

5/28 thru 6/3 ~ DomconLA/Available For Select Sessions

I will be returning on the evening of Sunday, April 21st.
I'm available for sessions on Monday, April 22nd and Tuesday, April 23rd. And then I'm off to New York to visit a very special slave.
It should prove to be an enjoyable time.

I'll be back in Salt Lake City on the evening of April 29th. And available for sessions once again until My next trip at the end of May. So check your calendars and schedule your training accordingly.

If you'd like to schedule a session, you may email your request.
Please allow 24-48 hours response time. I will not be answering My phone during My phone hours. Email's your best bet.

Until next time, sit on your hands.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

My Sunday Slut & Friday's Opportunity

I love longer sessions where I can take My sweet time leading one into a deep submissive headspace.  That yummy space where time does not exist and we can fly and float for hours.

The lucky boy who presented himself to Me on Sunday was in My clutches for a lengthy amount of time allowing Me to explore him, his body, his brain, his desires, and his boundaries.

Dragging him from room to room to use him in different capacities.

I put this cutie through his paces as I enticed him thru a gamut of activities. He performed so well. And I had an absolutely delightful time getting to know this sweet, polite, and thoughtful boy. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to our next encounter.

I'm already booked for tomorrow, Thursday. But I do have time for a session on Friday. And then I'm off for vacation. If you'd like to submit yourself to Me then, you best bust a move. First cum, first serve.

Friday, April 5, 2024

A Note on Deposits & Gifts

Recently, I have had a few thoughtful submissives inquire about making a deposit upon booking a session and I wanted to share My thoughts on the subject. Please note all Mistress' conduct their business differently and policies do change from time to time.    
It's most polite and often required depending on the service provider. 

Sending a deposit for a session shows the Mistress that one is sincere in their intention and has ultimate respect for the Mistress' time. It also offers a heightened sense of security both for the submissive and the Mistress with an understanding of that time being locked in. And should for whatever reason the session not take place, the Mistress has been nominally compensated for the time spent thus far.

Sometimes the deposit is deducted from the session tribute and sometimes it is in addition to the tribute. This should be made clear upon confirmation of the session and if it's not, you should clarify. 

Over My career, I have gone back and forth with eras of accepting deposits, to requiring them, to not requesting one at all.
Currently, I am not requiring deposits. 

In terms of one showing Me their sincerity, I love to receive gifts. Both monetary and otherwise. And I am always tickled to receive extra tokens along with My session tribute.

My favorite color is purple and My favorite flower is a stargazer lily. And while My actual birthday falls on the 16th of August (yes, I am a fiery and ferocious Leo), I adore receiving gifts every day of the year.

I keep My Amazon wishlist updated on things I am pining for. And I appreciate gift cards from some of My favorite online purveyors - Poshmark, Mr. S Leather, and Amazon to name a few. All of which offer e-gift cards that may be easily sent to My email address.

If it's a financial favor, you may send Me a cashapp: $juliespanks
And if you're Old School or wish to woo Me the old fashioned way, My mailing address is:
406 East 300 South
Suite 1000 / Box 141
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

April Showers Bring More Rosebuds

Just two days into April and it's already been raining both outside and inside the dungeon. My new, upgraded sling is being put to the test. And I win every single time. Sometimes multiple times. 

If you wish to get on My calendar this month, you better be paying attention. I'll be leaving on a vacation soon and I am making a business trip at the end of the month.

4/13 thru 4/21 Vacation - Not Available For Sessions

4/24 thru 4/29 New York City - Fully Booked

I am available for sessions over the next 10 days to qualified humans who pass My simple screening to measure compatibility. I offer sessions exclusively from My private dungeon play space, The Mini Manor, located just 10 minutes from the airport and downtown areas. The only professional and dedicated dungeon in the entire Valley.

If you've had the honor of serving Me, you may email your request or ring Me during My phone hours. If you are new-to-Me, you may send your letter of introduction to request My Application For Service.

I am a quality-over-quantity player who is selective about My play things, servants, submissives, sissies, and sluts. I realize it may be easy to pull out your wallet, but I prefer to play with those who are respectful, polite, and pay attention.

My email:

Serve. Submit. Surrender. Succumb. 

Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Evil Bunny Returns To Spank Naughty Butts

I had a lovely disciplinary maintenance session this afternoon. Many of My devotees are spankos or spankophiles. These humans are those who have a regular need for discipline in the form of a spanking.

Most spankos I know are extremely particular about the scenario, down to the area in which they are struck, the position, and the implement, if any. And I find that the majority of them do not care for a "dungeon" setting. Rather something more domestic, such as a bedroom, living room, den, or even a kitchen.

In My experience, most spankos are not submissive. As long as they are polite and respectful, and most of them are, we will get along just fine. Also, a large portion cannot leave My play space with any lasting marks. Over the last 20+ years, I have developed techniques and acquired toys that leave an impact, and not any marks.

There are also those cherished times when I get to really lean into it with someone who is due a strict punishment-style session. The kind where I am able to leave behind physical remnants of an intense situation. Those really tickle My nethers. 

I have an affinity for bare-handed, over-the-knee (OTK) spankings and canes. And a special fondness for redirecting those who have had a previously negative experience with the cane. I like to use slow, rhythmic, tapping to get you into a deep subspace that will take you further than you thought you ever could. 

Sure, I could give you Six of the Best. Sometimes, warranted. But I'd much rather hold you in that yummy head space for a while. Unless you're being forced to hold a fig....

The spanking enthusiast who returned to Me again today has a unique sense of humor. Not to mention, we have developed an uncommon relationship of sorts over time. So he didn't blink an eye when I answered the door in an evil bunny mask. Instead, he entered with a giant grin, proceeded to drop his pants and take his position laying over My lap to receive his regular spanking for the month. It usually keeps him in line until next time. But he knows should the desire arise, he is always welcome to call Me. 

As the name implies, corporeal punishment, domestic discipline, and spanking are some of My specialties. Do you enjoy spanking?
Present yourself for a spanking session and find out what keeps both the good and the naughty boys and girls coming back for more. 

I'll be in Los Angeles at the end of May, offering spanking sessions (and more) from My hotel suite while I am attending and teaching at Domcon. First come, first serve. Deposit required.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Are You Tall Enough To Ride This Ride?

Sunday's tasty tart played all of his cards right and landed himself a comfy spot on the sling in The F*ck Room. The walls are decorated with custom art and mirrors. Lots of mirrors. Perfect for catching hot glimpses of steamy scenes for you to record to memory. Unless you would like it recorded elsewhere... That is up for negotiation.

Well-appointed with tools to stimulate, stuff, and stow inside you.
Shiny glass, stainless steel, medical grade silicone and the like.

Polite and sincere sluts who pass My screening may get in line, single file to the left. You must be this tall to ride this ride....
In other words, approach on your knees. *wink*

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Happy Spring * My Updated Travel Schedule

Happy Spring, sluts. Tis the season - the birds are chirping, the tulips and pansies are popping, the sun is shining, and the seeds are being planted. I'm sure you've heard the saying "the early bird gets the worm". Well, I've updated My travel schedule and I know you pine to serve Me. So be sure to schedule your training accordingly.  

April -
Vacation ~ Saturday, 4/13 thru Sunday, 4/21 - No Sessions  
NYC ~ Wednesday, 4/24 thru Monday, 4/29 - Fully Booked

May - 
Domcon LA @ LAX Hilton ~ Tuesday, 5/28 thru Monday, 6/3 **

Outside of these dates, I am available for sessions to qualified humans exclusively at My private dungeon hideaway, The Mini Manor. For those who have yet to serve Me, TMM is conveniently located 10 minutes from the SLC International airport and downtown areas. Perfect for extended and overnight sessions. 

The Mini Manor features a comfortable conversation space, My personal kinky library and Spanking Room, The F*ck Room, a climactic Exam Room, My sumptuous Mistress Chamber, a vintage retro-style kitchen, and an impeccably clean restroom and shower facility. 
The walls are a feast for your eyes with displays of custom art. 

Sincere subs, sluts, slave-types, sissies and perverts are highly encouraged to present yourself for some quality time with Me. 

** I am honored to have been asked to offer education to fledging Dommes and those new to the professional Domination industry.
I will have limited time available for play sessions, dinner dates, public outings, and shopping trips while in Los Angeles. Also, considering a well-trained servant to attend to Me during the event. 

So, for the next 3.5 weeks, I am in the beautiful City of Salt and available to turn out, train, torment, and tease you. Then I am off the grid for a little rest and relaxation in a tropical location.

What are you waiting for? Email Me for an Application.