Sunday, December 4, 2022

Available This Evening in SLC * Cum To Me

Please do not schedule a session with Me unless you plan on following through. I had an appointment scheduled for this evening with a new supplicant and I was very much looking forward to it. I even did some advance prep to accommodate his specific interest. 

Boy did not call to reconfirm.

Now My evening is open and I am still in a good mood. So if you are reading this and you would like to present yourself to Me, send Me an email before I decide to make other plans -
Or ring by 4pm: (503) 891-8487

And if you are the boy who did not confirm or cancel in a reasonable amount of time, you are now on My Shit List. Time to grovel.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Sunday Seduction * Service Subs * Thank You

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of playing with a female-bodied person. I relish in training women. Some do apply. Less follow through. But not this one. She was adamant, excited and lovely in her submission. I cherish scenes with women. Especially, the women who stand up and use their voice to ask for what they need in order to get their needs met. Because, we all have needs.

I've had a service boy since the end of April. He is doing great, helping Me with small projects around the dungeon. He admittingly does not enjoy cleaning and I've been on the hunt for a Cleaning Slut for quite some time. Friday I'll interview a new applicant to see how he performs. I'm a clean freak with OCD. Hope he can live up to My high expectations. Wish him luck.

And last but certainly not least - thank you to the generous and thoughtful human who sent Me the new purple vacuum cleaner that was on My Amazon wishlist. No note so not sure who it's from. But thank you. Just in time for the new wanton Cleaning Slut. *smile* 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Alone For the Holidays? Surrender For A Spell

We are well into the holiday season and while most of you may have family plans, not everyone has somewhere to go. Well, It just so happens that I am home for the holidays with time on My hands.
And you know what they say - idle hands are the devil's workshop.

My private play space is perfect for long, extended, overnight and longer type sessions. It's warm, clean, neatly appointed, enticing and sexy. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a safe space with a very experienced Mistress. Take a deep dive into the world of Dominance and submission with Me as your professional guide.

Put yourself in My capable hands and I'll show you things you could only imagine. We'll visit the darker corners of your mind and explore your devious desires. The weirder the better. Really. 

Gift yourself authenticity and self love this holiday season.
You deserve it.

Serious inquiries only.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Oh Baby Its Cold Outside...

 ...but My private dungeon play space is nice and toasty. Cum inside, if you are given permission to do so, that is. So, ask nicely. *wink*

My hands are ready for those extra long, over-the-knee spankings, floggings, canings and whippings. The heavier bondage gear has been pulled from it's summer resting spot, cleaned and set lovingly into the dungeon. My thigh-high boots are ready to make a reappearance. As are opera-length leather gloves and layers and layers of sexy garb.

What would you request for Me to wear in our session?
Most all humble requests considered and granted.

I am available for sessions in Salt Lake City throughout the end of the calendar year. Surrender to an elite experience like no other.
Contact Me to schedule an appointment. 

Friday, November 18, 2022

My Contact Information For Respectful Sluts

Time to re-share My contact information for those who don't have it. 

Email is My preferred method of contact:
My email:

If you are new-to-Me, you'll need to email Me to request My Application For Service and follow protocol in order to request My time and attention. If you've served Me previously and wish to schedule another session, send Me an email with your request and I'll respond in a timely fashion. I check My email a few times a day. 

I do offer phone hours for those who are, for whatever reason, unable to send an email. Or for those who have some preliminary questions that they would like answered. Take note: You must call from an unblocked number. I do not answer calls from private or blocked numbers. Nor do I answer outside of My phone hours. Be respectful of the time you dial Yours Truly or I will simply block your number.

Phone Hours: 10am to 12pm Mountain daily
Phone: (503) 891-8487
I do not text with My clients as I find it too informal so don't text Me.

I am rarely available for same-day sessions.
Plan your training accordingly.

Wish to send Me a gift to gain My attention?
Cashapp: $JulieSpanks
Venmo: @JulieSpanks
My Amazon wishlist: Click Here

Have something you'd like to mail Me?
My mailing address:
406 E. 300 S. 
Suite 1000/Box 141
Salt Lake City UT 84111

What are you waiting for?
Come spend some quality time with Me.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Show Me Thanks * Deviant Art * Latex

It's November - a time to be thankful for everything you have.
A month to focus on gratitude and honor all that you are grateful for.
A time to appreciate the things, tangible and non, that you embrace.
A space to honesty celebrate all of the exploration that you've been granted that, for one reason or another, so many others don't even consider. BDSM is deeply healing. And everyone deserves healing.

I've finally procured some custom art pieces for the front room.
I carefully selected each piece and they'll be lovingly placed on Monday, when My service boy is around. I am really pleased.
see them for yourself.

And finally, My new custom latex dress from Libidex arrived. It's a translucent smoke (think grey or black) with a built-in purple corset and purple trim. Translucent as in see-through. I can't wait to torture willing supplicants while teasing from inside My new dress. *weg*

Wish to submit?

Send Me an email:

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Tickle, Travel, Sissies & Spankos

On Saturday evening, I safely made it home from My vacation which was absolutely a dream come true. Literally. One fully staffed villa in a tropical location with an infinity pool all to our very own.

As much as I love to travel, I always treasure the return home to My bed, My pillow, My fur babies and My favorite morning mug of tea. I also returned to a deluge of emails filled with compelling requests to accommodate a number of interesting fetishes and fantasies.

I hit the ground running, conducting a heavy disciplinarian scene with a devoted spankophile on Sunday afternoon. Seems someone had been very naughty as of late and submitted himself for a strict spanking. He arrived a few minutes early, landing himself in an immediate Time Out. Nose holding a penny to the wall without dropping it for three minutes. Our session then began with a few minutes over My knee to remind him of his place.  And for the duration of the session, he took 175 lashes of My cane.

I have a session scheduled tomorrow afternoon with a new-to-Me submissive who shares My thirst for games of Power & Control and also enjoys a good spanking. I'm looking forward to meeting him.

Another was a request for a tickle torture scene. Its not a common fetish but I thoroughly enjoy it. Especially when the subject is actually ticklish and it's not just a ploy to get Me to touch them. Hoping that blossoms next month while he's here on business.

This week also brought Me not one, but two, sissies inquiring about sissification and dollification scenarios. And another who wants to clean My bathroom. I adore dressing up slutty sissies. I've got a collection of lingerie moments, makeup, wigs, stocking and more. And I do appreciate a clean toilet.

One inquiry was about travel. As in, will I travel to their city for a session. The answer is yes - as long as My travel expenses are paid for including hotels, meals, transportation etc. Serious inquiries only. 

Again, I love to travel but if you wish to truly surrender, it is so much better for you to come to Me. My private dungeon lair houses My massive arsenal of equipment, comfortable *cough* sleeping arrangements and everything else I would need or want to control you for longer lengths of time and space.

Hopping on another plane, this one bound for Portland on Friday afternoon. I'll be returning on Monday the 31st and available for sessions throughout the month of November.

Email if My prefered method of contact: