Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Expanding My Stable * Are You Worthy?

It's Wednesday and I've just returned from the nail salon. Both My claws and juicy toes are a delicious purple - My favorite color.
My tooties are perfectly pedicured and soft to the taste.
Would you like to experience the flavor of this shade of purple? 

My lap is also calling for a naughty boy or girl to spend some quality time. You are overdue for a good, long, strict, and sensual spanking.
I know what you need.  

I've got the ties that bind you, the tools to control you, the looks that blind you, and the mind to entice you into the most sadistic of predicaments. Are you a respectful, polite and generous tramp? 

I'm expanding My stable of loyal, kind, and dedicated slaves and submissives. Present yourself for My elite brand of training to find out if you ultimately qualify. I will take very, very good care of you. 

Are you worthy of My time and attention? 

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Your Dominant Travel Companion

I love to travel. Spent a decade in the travel business and while I have done My share, it is something I can never get enough of.
I am a sophisticated and mature Woman with impeccable taste.
I enjoy the finer things in life - business and first class travel, luxury accommodations, fine dining, the arts, shopping, and more. And I appreciate a polite, submissive, kind, and generous travel partner.

Would you like for Me to join you on your next business trip?
It would make for a much more spicy excursion where you'll be used in covert and reserved ways until we are behind the closed doors of a private hotel suite where you and I get to be our perverted selves.

Perhaps you enjoy a tropical vibe at a breathtaking destination and All-Inclusive resort where you can live out your freakiest fantasies along with a hotel full of like-minded folks. The successful humans who run Domme Trips have one more scheduled trip to Cozumel in October with three rooms left. A slut's dream to be held in subspace for a whole week, surrounded by other Top Dommes and their submissives in a safe space where all are there for the same reason. 

Do you pine to be a sissy gimp, dragged around on a leash at a kink festival, visit Torture Garden, or a weekend-long conference where no one knows who you are? I am known to attend semi-regularly.

Craving something a little more private? Let's discuss and negotiate.

Sadly, it's too late to experience the OWK, but there are similar, exclusive opportunities if you're willing to go the extra mile.

You must be a client in good standing or come with excellent references. Serious inquiries only.

Friday, July 5, 2024

My Weekend Availability * PSA Reminder

I have too much extra time on My hands this weekend and I want to play with you. If you are new-to-Me, My preferred method of contact is by email. You may send your letter of introduction and I will respond with My Application For Service. I am a quality-over-quantity player and am selective about My play things. And you never get a second chance to leave a good first impression, so don't fuck it up.

If you've had the pleasure of serving Me already, you may call during My phone hours or send your request via email. I'm quick to respond. My contact information can be found on the page, to your right.

As I find texting to be quite informal, I do not text with clients. Respect My wishes and do not text Me without expressed permission.

For privacy purposes, I do not call My clients, ever.
You will never receive a call from Me. You must call Me, always.
If you send your phone number and ask Me to call you, I will not.

You want to be over My lap, don't you...

Bust a move.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Sessions Available * Summer Schedule * Thank You

There is time available on My calendar for sessions this week. If you'd like to present yourself, you should contact Me appropriate manner. My contact information and protocol can be found on this page.
I look forward to playing with you.

My summer schedule is light this year by design. I will, however, be taking My annual sabbatical and will be unavailable beginning Monday, August 19th (three days after My birthday) through Sunday, September 8th. Please schedule your training accordingly.

And yes, you read that correctly. My birthday is coming up - August 16th. Mark your calendars and treat Me accordingly.

Finally, thank you to the sweetest boy who sent a gift from My Amazon wishlist - a shiny, purple, metal chastity cage. I'll add it to the collection bringing My stock to six devices. One can never have too many when I believe all of the cocks should be locked up always.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

My Time, My Tribute & a Rant

It appears I am overdo for a rant, but this one's been brewing for some time. Just had a potential client cancel an evening session at the last minute with an "emergency". Mind you, this session has been scheduled for a week and I turned down two other work opportunities and at least three social events as it's summertime and Pride month. 

Yes, I understand that emergencies do happen, however, this was the second time this he has cancelled last minute with the same excuse. Now, most Dommes would have told him to take a hike after the first go around. But I am a philanthropic Woman, so I told him I would give him one more opportunity. He mentioned he would choose something from My wishlist to make up for it. I'm not holding My breath.

My time is valuable and I do not appreciate it being misused.
I have almost 21 years experience. I own a gorgeous, professional dungeon. I teach at kink conventions internationally. I have invested in My education and still do. I have an equipment collection that bar to none. And I genuinely love what I do, when I am properly appreciated, that is. If you know, you know.

My tribute is half of what I could command if I were in a bigger city like L.A., Seattle, or New York City. I had a caller recently ask Me to lower My tribute for a session. My reply was Absolutely Not. I will not ever, so do not ask. Like I've talked about before here on this blog - Professional BDSM is an expensive hobby much like skiing, skydiving, golf, racing cars, and on. If you want the best, you're going to pay for it. Also, never, ever ask a s3x worker to lower their rate. Like, ever.

Another thing I do that not many other Dommes do - grandfathering clients in at the tribute during the time they had the privilege of serving Me. For example: I have a few submissives who have been seeing Me regularly for quite some time. So long, they've outlasted a tribute increase. Of which there have only been three. Three tribute adjustments in the last 21 years. Loyal clients who have been with Me, supporting Me for years, they remain at an old tribute amount.

I'll get off My soapbox now. Just don't waste My time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Public Outings * Dinner Dates * Follow Up

I'm a sophisticated Domme who enjoys a good conversation over a nice dinner. I am a cultured Mistress who enjoys the arts. And I am a well-traveled Woman who's been riding on planes since I was an infant. I grew up wanting to be a flight attendant and while that didn't happen, I did spend a decade in the travel business, pre-9/11 and TSA. that allowed Me to travel the world. Travel is one of My biggest passions. Needless to say, I make a stellar travel companion.

Soon I'll be sharing some very special travel opportunities for the qualified, submissive gentlehuman. They will feature trips specifically for subs and their Mistress, mostly out of the country so you must have a passport and a generous quality about you.
Stay tuned.

Follow up on My last blog post - the sexy lingerie set came from one of My most loyal boy toys who was quick to request a session for obvious reasons, of course. And judging by his awestruck saucer-sized eyes, he enjoyed the ensemble thoroughly. 

It's simply too hot for clothes. Come play while the temps are in your favor. I have some time available for good boys, toys, sluts, sissies, and masochists. You'll find My contact info and protocol on this page. 

What are you waiting for?

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Don't Sleep On Hot Girl Summer * Thank You

It's hot outside which means less clothes for Me. And when I'm playing in My dungeon, it's even less. If you'd like to celebrate Hot Girl Summer with Me, you should schedule your training accordingly.
I've been getting high on sporting saucier threads in session, making it even more difficult for My submissives to control themselves.

I recently added some spicier garments to My wishlist, and they're flying off the shelf. Including a sexy bra and panty set by Thistle & Spire that arrived with no note. If it was you, thank you. I can't wait to see how it feels on My skin as well as the reaction it will bring.

I've got another overnight guest returning to The Mini Manor this week. Seems My hospitality is on point. I truly savor extended and overnight sessions where I can take My sweet time tormenting a willing supplicant and drawing them further into My magical web. Book your stay soon.

Outside of that, My calendar has some openings throughout the week. Don't sleep on this summer heat and My desire to shed more clothes. 

Bust a move.