Sunday, May 9, 2021

Worship & Tithe Your Mistress

Get down there, boy.

On the floor.

All the way down.

Down where you belong.

At My feet...

...on the floor.

I do miss having sluts and submissives on the floor at My feet. And I know that there are some sluts out there that are longing to be at My feet once again. Not including all of the new-to-Me submissives, wanton slaves and slutty sissies yearning to be under My control. 

After almost 18 years of real-time experience as a Professional Dominatrix, I have become quite selective of My clients and playmates. So if you are new to Me, I suggest you pay attention.
You never get second chance to make a good first impression.  

I've been fine-tuning My wishlist to include some of the things I still need to fill the space and make it functional. Super easy - click the link to My wishlist, choose the gifts you wish to send Me and pay for your items at checkout. Your credit card statement will discreetly read as and your gifts are sent to My post office box. 

My birthday isn't until August but I love to receive gifts any day of the year. Can't decide what to pick? Send Me an e-gift card and let Me do the shopping. You only need My email address:

Are you a devotee wishing to legitimately indulge Me?
Do you ache to treat Me like the Goddess that I am?
Or are you a discerning pay pig looking for a new Boss Lady?
If you answered 'yes' to any or all of those questions, I have an opportunity for you as I'm pining for a custom bondage bed from Dungeon Beds. Serious inquirers may send Me an email. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Hot For Teacher & Mentoring New Dominas

This photo popped up on My social media memory lane today and I liked it so I thought I'd share. I posted it in July of 2014. I'm guessing I was teaching classes at Thunder in the Mountains as that's when that particular convention takes place (2020 excluded, of course). 

I won't be presenting any workshops at Thunder this year. But that won't stop Me from packing an overnight bag and hopping on a plane just to go hang out with My kinky friends and cohorts for a weekend. While these conventions may look a little different from here on forward, I am truly looking forward to being back amongst My tribe.

Speaking of teaching - another piece of exciting news that I will also share with you. I will be offering mentoring. A few Women have expressed an interest in learning the Art of Domination. And it just so happens that I have 18 years worth of knowledge and information to pass along. Not to mention a formal, more professional and elite way of conducting a successful and lasting business. After speaking and connecting with each one individually, I am eager to watch them bloom and blossom into the best versions of themselves they can become. All unique in their own special ways. All learning the proper way to get into your head and beat your ass. *wink*

If you are reading this and you are a local (not necessarily) female-identifying human who wishes to learn more about the Art of Female Dominance. please send Me an email:

Sunday, April 25, 2021

New Space Q & A ~ Ask Me Anything

There have been some repeat questions coming My way regarding the new space, mostly around privacy and discretion, so I thought I'd answer them here. 

Q: Is your new space discreet?
A: Yes. The new space is a house in an unassuming neighborhood in Salt Lake City. Located about 10 minutes from downtown or the airport. For everyone's safety, the house is equipped with a security system with cameras outside (only). Again, used solely for the purpose of keeping Myself, My supplicants and My dungeon safe. 

Q: Will I see anyone else or run into any other slaves when coming to session with you?
A: No. When you come to session, it will just be you and Me. No one will be bothering us. I do offer sessions with other Dommes as well as sexy submissives. But only if it has been previously discussed, planned and negotiated.

Q: Is it a room in an apartment or a house?
A: No. The entire house will be My dedicated dungeon space. It has three themed rooms, plus a well-appointed sitting room, a full bathroom, a dining area and kitchen. It is a safe space where you can let your hair and guard down. We can make as much noise as we want. No one will be checking in on us. 

I hope this answered a question or two for you. If not, send your questions My way. I'd love to get all of your questions answered.
My email:

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Bondage Bed Dreams

One of the rooms in My new playspace is calling for a bondage bed. The one I am pining for is this baby right here. Made by Dungeon Beds dot com, it's sold as the Ringold Bed but the website has it listed as the Fulton Bed. With a queen sized accommodation, a cage underneath and shipping it will be about 5K.

It will be perfect for overnight (or longer) stays. With Yours Truly sleeping in the comfortable queen-topped bed while you attempt to get some sleep beneath Me in the cage. Don't worry, I might offer you a pillow. *wink*

A Bondage Lover's Fantasy, this bed makes My nethers sweat. It would be nice to own a bondage bed once again. I sold Mine when I left My former hometown of Portland, Oregon. Time to prep all the ropes, chains, locks and keys and things and manifest!

Wish to Indulge Me? Have an offer I can't refuse?
Make My dreams come true and I'll return the favor. I promise.

This room will also serve as a cross-dressing studio for all of the sissys and sluts who enjoy getting dressed up and tied down. With a fully stocked closet and drawers filled with panties, hosiery and more. Equipped with everything I want to dress you and everything I will need to control you.

Serious inquiries only.

My email:

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Play Space Fantasies & Phone Sessions

Some of you have inquired about the new play space. Here is what I will share thus far. In-person clients will be privy to much more including the enjoyment of the space. 

The new space has hardwood floors throughout which are currently being refinished. Next will come a thorough interior paint job with all of My favorite colors.  I'm thinking about redoing the bathroom. The storage unit will have to be emptied and everything put in its place. I wish to procure a new bondage bed. Hang all of the kinky art. Stock the space with all the lube and cleaning supplies My OCD heart can handle. And finally, get back to what it is I do so well.

It'll be another four to six weeks. In the meantime, you can A) continue to practice your patience; B) book yourself a phone session with Yours Truly; and C) choose some gifts from My wishlist to outfit the new play space and put a smile on My face. 

For more info on phone sessions, email:

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Missing You & Off The Grid Thru Sunday

2020 taught Me something very important. This last year has given Me a lot of time to reflect on just how much I love and cherish doing what it is I do. Being a Professional Dominant for the past 18 years has taught Me more about human behavior and Myself than any college course could have ever taught Me. I treasure being trusted by those who willingly submit themselves and let Me flex My extensive skill set. I do not take the gift of submission for granted. 

I miss getting dressed up in something super tight and sexy. I miss putting My collar around an exposed neck. I miss dragging dirty sluts around the dungeon by a cock. I miss wielding My floggers, cat-of-nine and canes. I miss the tears that flow when someone has reached a cathartic moment. And I miss a good foot rub and worship session. But moreover, I miss those deeper levels of Power Exchange. 

I'll be stepping off the grid tomorrow, returning on Sunday. Any emails received while I am away will be answered on Monday. 

Next week I will resume office hours. If you have My phone number, you may use it between the hours of 10am and 12noon, Mountain. Phone calls received outside of My phone hours will not be answered but flagged. Phone calls are reserved for session consultations, scheduling appointments and reconfirming of sessions only. If you'd like to have a lengthy, kinky, educational or candid conversation, let Me know. I do offer phone sessions.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Return To Sessions & Email Fixed!

It has been one full year since My last real-time session marking the longest forced break I've ever had to take in My almost 18-year career as a Pro Domme. At the end of March 2020, I packed up and placed My entire dungeon in a storage unit. All of My equipment, all of My furniture, all of My kinky art, basically everything. It's been surreal.

If you are someone that has had the pleasure of serving Me in Salt Lake City or you've been following along here, you'd know that My plan had been to move My playspace to an even better location. Enter covid.  

I am delighted to announce that the time has finally come.

I have procured a new location that will blow your mind.
Completely private and perfect for extended and overnight sessions.
Intimate, inviting, clean, neatly appointed, aesthetically pleasing. 

Story Time: if you know Me, then you know that I like things very, very clean. My former dungeon in Portland was 3,500 square feet, multi-roomed, with the Main Dungeon being about 1,200 square feet. I choose slaves that express a sincere interest in domestic servitude, specifically cleaning. The rule was, the floors were to be cleaned three times or until the dirty water ran clear in the wet-vac. When they were all done I would check their work to make sure it was done to My liking by having them stand on the opposite side of the room, put a hard candy in My mouth to get it nice and wet it with My spit, remove it from My mouth, and skip it across the floor to the slave who would pick it up and immediately stick it in their mouth.
Is it clean or did it pick up something along the way?  

There is some work to do on the new space before I can unload the storage unit (original hardwood floors to be refinished, painting of the interior, etc) so you will need to continue practicing your patience. But know there is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel. I'm hoping to be offering sessions by June 1st. I'll be updating My Amazon wishlist with items that I want and need for the new space. If you're inspired, click here. I also love to shop for interesting things on Etsy. And I'm in the market for a bondage bed. Curious? Ask Me more.

If you've sent Me an email in the last 6 months or so, My new server had put them away in a special place... I'll be responding to your emails in order of being received. Again, I appreciate your patience. If you have not heard from Me in the next week, kindly resend your email -

And yes, this also means I'll be returning to My regularly scheduled trips to My former hometown of Portland, Oregon. I've got naughty butts to spank and sluts to train. And we've got some time to make up for. *wink*

Stay tuned here for the latest up to date deets!