Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Be a Slut for Me

Come to Me and I'll turn you out. 

Present yourself and I'll teach you how to beg properly.

Bring yourself to Me and I'll train you and your ass.

Submit to My seductive style of Domination. 
I don't need to raise My voice to get what I want.
I'd rather whisper in your ear cause I like the auto-response.

Surrender to Me this week - I leave for L.A. next Tuesday.

If you are new-to-Me, I prefer you send an introductory email with your session request and I will respond with My application. That will help to determine if we are going to be compatible. If for whatever reason you are unable to email, you may attempt to reach Me during My phone hours. Email is My preferred form of contact if you're new. 

If you've served Me in the past, you may email your request or ring during My phone hours. Absolutely NO texting.

I look forward to playing with you.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Extended & Overnight Sessions @ The Mini Manor

Earlier this month, to My devious delight, I orchestrated an overnight session with one very lucky masochist. He was visiting The City of Salt on business and decided to devote the last evening of his trip to Yours Truly. Who would choose Motel 6 over The Mini Manor anyway?

Twelve hours of My wicked attention and I must say, he did well, considering. The beauty and allure of lengthy sessions is everything you'd want and more. When we don't have to watch the clock, we can lose ourselves in the exquisite flavors of sweet submission and stiff Dominance. Whips dancing on his tongue, his cock, his nipples. 

He surrendered himself at 10pm and we played well into the wee hours. Upon his request, we negotiated a few hours sleep, and I allowed it. Secured to the bondage table, he attempted to track down some illusive sleep. I don't think he was too successful. Little did he know, I secretly love the impact of sleep deprivation. Fortunately, for him, the following day was just a travel day.

We engaged in so many fun activities, I lost count - bondage, cbt, nipple play, medical play, sounding, tease and denial, needles, more bondage, impact play, flogging, spanking, caning, paddling, whipping, edging, foot worship, mummification, and more.

After a warm shower, some coffee, and healthy breakfast foods, I released him with ample time to return the rental car and get to the airport for his 2pm flight. I made good and sure his bottom was nice and sore for the long plane ride home. I also left him with some excellent wanking material - thighs adorned with bruises.
And a fistful of naughty photos from our session to enjoy later.

I adore extended, overnight, and weekend-long sessions.
Longer sessions give us the opportunity to explore deeply and languish in the heady dynamic of owner and slave, Domina/submissive, Boss Lady/subordinate, Mistress/slut. 

Give in to desire. 

Friday, May 17, 2024

L.A. @ Domcon 5/28 - 6/3 * SLC Sessions Now

What a busy week it has been. I know you've missed Me. There've been naughty butts to spank, preparations for Domcon, Life Stuff, slut training, a dental visit, and more Domcon prep. I've got sinful stories to share with you. But you'll have to wait one more day...

I leave in just 10 days for Los Angeles. If you'd like to present yourself before I go, you best plan accordingly. I'm still in a highly stimulated mood and it's an ideal time to visit Me at The Mini Manor. You may send your request via email or ring Me during My phone hours.

I am available for select sessions while I'm in L.A. - Tuesday, May 28th through Sunday, June 2nd. If you are interested in meeting Me, you know what to do. I'm also available for some public outings - dinner at a restaurant of My choosing or shopping at some of the finer local purveyors. Serious inquiries only.

Wish to worship My perfect peds? Or receive the sexiest over-the-knee spanking you've been longing for, you should reach out. 

I have selected an assistant of sorts to attend the event with Me. They will serve as My valet as I'll need support getting dressed each morning and redressed for mid-day wardrobe changes. Keeping My room tidy. And serving with grace in any capacity I may require.
They are quite experienced and it shows. 

In the meantime, I'm keen on playing. Are you?  
Where are My Salt Lake subs? Cum to Me.

Friday, May 10, 2024

My Weekend Schedule For Summer Sluts

It's the weekend and the warm summer weather has arrived. 
Tomorrow is Saturday and My evening is open for a summer sissy or saucy slut who has the need to submit. I'm also available on Sunday, all day and I love doing dirty things on a Sunday.

The drive from My home space to My home away from home space, The Mini Manor, takes Me via North Temple Street between the Mormon church and adjacent conference center. I find the dichotomy and juxtaposition to be so interesting, so deep. The women following the men, like chattel themselves. All I can think is they will never experience an orgasm. And I'm a little sad for them.

Let's create some fabulously corrupt and depraved memories together. You know you want to. What are you waiting for?

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Sessions Available in SLC * Submit & Surrender

I've got a serious hankering to seduce you into the darker corners of your Desire Closet. Present yourself and let's explore. 

To catch Me when I am in these extra spicy moods is a bonus for you. As they say, Idle Hands Are The Devil's Workshop.

So many deliciously terrible predicaments My mind is crafting.
Who is going to take advantage of My extra time and twisted ideas?

The Mini Manor is My kinky Barbie Dream House. An adults-only Disneyland. It is set, clean, and ready to receive you. 

To request a session, you may send an email with your request.
I am fairly prompt with My response time. If you are new-to-Me, you will have to pass My screening to weigh compatibility.

You may also attempt to reach Me during My phone hours.
If you get My voicemail, simply hang up and try again another time. For privacy purposes, I will never call you. You must call Me.
My contact information is detailed to the right.

Care to join Me for a while?

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Texas All State Spanking Party Anyone?

I'm tossing around the idea of attending the Texas All State Spanking Party held June 6 to June 9th. It's in Dallas at a hotel where spanking is the sport of the weekend. As you can imagine, this convention draws not only spankophiles and corporal enthusiasts, but also professional Disciplinarians and Dominants who specialize in the area.

In all My years, I have never had the pleasure of attending.
I'm curious if I have any readers or play things in or around the Dallas area. Have you been to this convention? Would you like to meet Me there? Send Me an email - msjulie@juliespanks.com

I will be coming off of a week in Los Angeles that is usually pretty tiring. If not this year, then soon. Though you are all on borrowed time as I will be retiring in nine years. So, don't sleep. Come to Me.

Give Me a good reason, Dallas.

Monday, May 6, 2024

Los Angeles * Sessions Available 5/28 - 6/3

This post is for any of My blog devotees of the greater Los Angeles area. I am attending Domcon, the World's Largest Professional & Lifestyle Domination Convention. I am also teaching a class and sponsoring a social event. I'll be staying at the LAX Hilton in a charming suite with plans to debase many asses over the week.

This conference draws some of the world's top Dominatrices and Ladies that are new to the industry. As well as slaves, spankos, and submissives who are there hoping to serve one or two of the best.
If you are an exhibitionistic slut who knows how to approach a Dominant in an appropriate manner and you play your cards right, you may end up getting used at one of the flamboyant play parties. 

If you would like to discuss the possibility of playing with Me while I am in town, you may send a polite email. Serious inquiries only. Deposit may be requested.

I am also available for select public outings such as dinner at a fine restaurant or shopping at some of the designer stores that I am not privy to living in Utah. 

If you are new-to-Me, you best impress Me. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. What are you waiting for?