Monday, November 20, 2023

Sessions Available in SLC * Submit to Me

Do you need a little getaway from the family this week?
Are you solo, without family, or someone who does not celebrate?
Did you have a birthday this year?

Well then, come spent some quality, kinky time with Me.

I am available for sessions throughout this holiday week and I'm hungry to play with you. I savor playing with newbies, seasoned submissives, vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, physicians, and on.
I do not discriminate.

My private and dedicated dungeon playspace is the only one of it's kind here in the City of Salt. You will not find another independent provider with a more exclusive, sexy, discreet, clean, and exciting safe space for you to explore your dirty fantasies. 

And you will not find anyone around these parts with more experience and passion for Domination than Yours Truly.    

You've had the rest. Now consider the best. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Stuffed & Trussed * My Winter Phone Hours

It's November - the time of the year when I am flooded with emotions of gratitude and thankfulness. And also busy stuffin' turkeys. *wink*

My special turkeys love to be packed with all sorts of things - apples, sometimes citrus, vegetables, and extra savory dressing. Trussed, gagged, seasoned, tenderized, and roasted to perfection. Loaded with juices cause if you know Me, then you know I like 'em juicy.

I mentioned previously that I will be sticking close to home this winter and not doing much traveling, so I'm expanding My phone hours to accommodate more turkeys, tarts, and twisted submissives.
I take great pleasure training new-to-Me wanton subs almost as much as I adore more refined sessions with My loyal and devoted sluts. 

For the winter, My phone hours will be 10AM to 5PM Mountain, daily. Phone hours are reserved for phone consultations and scheduling of sessions. While email is still My preferred method of contact, I understand that, for whatever reason, not everyone is able to send Me an email. Please be respectful of My phone hours.

On texting: I find texting terribly informal and I do not text with My supplicants. IOW, do not text Me unless you wish to land on My Shit List, especially at 10:37PM requesting a session at midnight.
I am not a Call Girl. I am not an After Thought. I am one to plan for. One to prepare for. One to worship, grovel to, beg for, gaze upon, surrender to, bend over for, and submit to....if you are lucky. 

Come spend some quality time with Yours Truly. Let Me take you on a ride. One you won't soon forget and can't get enough of. 

Email: anytime
I typically respond to emails within 24 hours.

2023 Winter Phone Hours: 10AM to 5PM Mountain, daily
My number: (503) 891-8487
If you happen to get My voicemail, simply hang up and try again shortly thereafter. For privacy purposes, I do not call My clients, ever.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

It's Your Turn To Strip & Surrender

The days may be shorter, the light is going away, and the nights are feeling much colder. But My dungeon play space is nice and warm. Warm enough for one of us to be buck-naked and on the floor.  

The sleepsacks and heavier bondage gear have come back out to play for the winter and I couldn't be more fired up. I'm hoping to connect with more chastity enthusiasts as I have some keyholding opportunities available. I've been doing a lot of organizing and planning for 2024. I've got a couple of important trips in the works as well as plans for a new website. Exciting stuff.

I'm home for the duration of November and I'm hungry to make some meaningful connections. Come explore some of your dark and dirty fantasies with Yours Truly. Surrender to an experienced Dominant Woman who knows how to fulfill your kinky and perverse desires.
I take great pleasure breaking in newer sluts and subs just as much as I enjoy My established and loyal submissives. Cum to Me. 

Email: for an Application.

What are you waiting for? Bust a move.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

My Feet Are Worship-Ready * Sessions Available

Today was a perfect day for a luxurious spa pedicure.

To soften My skin, My peds soaked in warm water and rose petals before they were treated to an exfoliation treatment, and a long and very yummy massage, from my toes to my knees. Followed by a hot paraffin wax dip that left My feet so very soft. Then My toes were meticulously trimmed, shaped, cleaned up, and prepped for a fresh coat of shiny black polish.

Calling all of My foot fetishists, high-arch lovers, open-toed stockings, heels and boot sluts - you know who you are.
Foot worship scenarios are what's being served. 

Submit yourself to this petite Mistress with perfect peds.
You'll be underneath Me with a mouthful of deliciousness in no time.

Email Me for an Application:

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Punishment of a Chronic Masturbator

My goodness, where does the time go? I've been fairly occupied with all of the things that are happening for and around Me. As you may have guessed, a good portion of My time and energy has been well-spent training submissives, spanking naughty bottoms, and tormenting self-proclaimed chronic masturbators.

One of My sessions was a with a new-to-Me submissive who confessed to watching copious amounts of Femdom porn and masturbating. Like, a lot. And while he had always fantasized about being Dominated, it was his very first time acting upon his deep desires and, needless to say, he was a nervous nilly.

I enjoyed whispering sweet nothings in his ear as I put him through a fistful of bondage predicaments and delightfully tormented him, keeping him on edge. Or at least trying to. He was so nervous he wasn't able to keep an erection. I even allowed him to manipulate himself, still nothing. So I put it away. For safe keeping.

Secured with some bondage straps, I wrapped his roaming hands and useless cock in purple vet wrap. If I wasn't able to use it, he couldn't either. It was there on the bondage table, he was able to take a few minutes to think about what he had, or had not, done. 

After some time, I freed him of his bondage and turned him over to make use of his other side, face-down / ass-up. And guess what I discovered... This boy was an undercover butt slut, gobbling up all of My fingers and toys. Perhaps I will have use for him after all.

When our time was over, I begrudgingly released his hands so he could drive his car home. I did, however, leave the pitiful cock encased tightly and sent the boy home with a little blue pill and some homework. His instructions were to watch two hours of Femdom porn before unwrapping himself to try for an orgasm one last time. 

In his follow-up email, he reported that he was not able to complete the homework. There will be more appropriate punishments when he returns. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Cum To Me & Surrender To Your Desires

Since My last post, I've been up to no good. *weg*
Let Me tell you about it... 

First, I had the absolute pleasure of orchestrating another session with My naughty Montana girl. She originally thought she was only interested in spankings, but I opened up a new door and now she's exploring exciting unchartered territory with Me as her field guide. She is a very good girl with fair skin, light red hair and 'no', the curtains do not match the drapes. There are no drapes. And not much else to soak up the stickiness. 

With every session, she is learning to take more pain and seems to have and endless curiosity with the finer nuances of BDSM. Especially in the realm of female submission. Not to mention, we are building a yummy connection and I am keen on taking her far. 

Next up was a super fun session with a new-to-Me couple in a Female Led Relationship. She and I had such a blast torturing, teasing, and tormenting the mostly submissive husband. We laughed at his expense and he enjoyed every single minute of it. I love these types of sessions and I am very much looking forward to our next salacious rendezvous.

Then I fielded an email from a polite business person visiting Salt Lake City and who was looking for a spicy evening. It just so happened that I was available and he presented himself at sunset. Turns out he was an undercover butt slut and foot fetishist. Needless to say, once this was apparent, he was properly used for the duration of our time together. I suspect he'll be finding more reasons to visit.

Finally, I was treated to a session with one of My favorite boy toys. A loyal, devoted supplicant who has been under My thumb for quite a while now. He always showers Me with gifts from My Amazon wishlist, usually toys, or dresses, boots, hosiery or whatever strikes his fancy. This time, in addition to a couple of goodies for Me, he picked up a chastity device. He knows how much I love My boys locked up, so he got one of his own. The morning of our appointment, he locked himself up and drove to the big city. After checking in to his hotel, per My request, he ate a healthy snack, took another shower, and popped one of his little blue pills one hour prior to his arrival. 

Here is his cock about an hour into the session. You can see the swelling and redness protruding the cage. You should have seen him when I was done with him. 

Twenty years in and I am still blessed and highly favored.
Come spend some quality time with Yours Truly.
You will not regret it.

Email Me for an Application:

Sunday, September 24, 2023

I Know What You Need * Surrender To Me In SLC

Whether it's a good sound spanking, a few hours in heavy bondage, a naughty medical scenario, some super slutty sissy sketch, one hard beat down, hours of edging, a swift mouth-soaping and strict punishment, or another perverted past-time - I know what you need.

Surrender yourself to a mature, experienced, highly-skilled, well-equipped, seductive, Dominant woman who's got everything She needs to control you between Her shoulders, in the palms of Her hands, and within arms reach. Some of you already know that My hands and fingers are some of My strongest tools. 

But if you're interested in actual tools and implements, that list is quite long. I've accumulated 20 years worth of toys, custom furniture, deviant art, a library of books, a nice boot and heel collection, a stockpile of paddles including a compilation of collegiate paddles, an assortment of collars and restraints, a number of padded leather locking bondage devices, sleepsacks, insertables, electrical toys, hoods, sounds, ropes, chains, suspension capabilities, slings, sissy garb and makeup and wigs and shoes, and so much more. 

Perhaps it's time for a Toy Tour. 

My session calendar is fairly open this week. It's a perfect time for you to schedule yourself some quality time at My mercy. Let go of shame. Let go of anxiety. Connect with your desires and passions.

I know what you need.