Friday, December 3, 2021

Seattle 12/5 thru 12/8 * My Contact Info And...

Dear perverts,

I hope you've been staying out of trouble. *wink*

I've been pleasantly busy training some new-to-Me slaves and submissives. So far, all are doing quite well and responding to My style of training with excellent results. I enjoy playing with generous sluts that follow direction. I realize it may be easy for you to pull out that wallet. But I prefer those that pay attention.

I will be stepping out of town this Sunday, returning Wednesday evening. Headed to Seattle for pleasure and pain. I do not have any others travel plans for the remainder of the year. And I do plan on traveling more often in 2022. Wish for Me to visit your city? Serious inquiries only. While I love traveling, if you wish to schedule some quality time with Yours Truly, it's best you come to Me.

My private dungeon lair is warm, clean, inviting and addicting.
As am I. Be prepared. It is a dedicated play space filled with My arsenal of equipment in three unique rooms to get lost in. Complete with bathroom and shower, a comfy space to sit and negotiate, talk and decompress. Perfect for extended and overnight sessions. There is no other professional space like this in the Salt Lake City area.

Want to submit to Me? - You must be fully vaccinated with a vaccination card. Upon your arrival for a session, you will consent to a C19 home rapid test and have your temperature taken. 

Yes, I am still training other superlative Dommes. If we have already met and you are interested in the possibility of another set of eyes on our next session, make it known. Or perhaps you wish to offer yourself as tribute to have one of My mentees practice on you during one of our sessions, if we have a good rapport, that is. 

I have plenty of availability for sessions throughout the rest of 2021. You may send your request via email, My preferred method of contact. Or attempt to reach Me by phone during My phone hours. Phone time is reserved for consultations and reconfirmation of sessions. And if you call outside of My phone hours, your number will be duly noted and added to My Shit List. So don't do it.

Phone: (503) 891-8487
Phone hours: 10am to 12pm Mountain, daily.

Note: I may or may not be able to answer while in Seattle so send an email or wait until next week to call Me. You may leave a voicemail but know, for privacy purposes, I do not call My clients ever. 

Looking forward to beating you...err....I mean, meeting you. 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Show Me Your Gratitude & Exhibitionistic Side

November is a time to reflect on the calendar year and be grateful for what we have. Personally, I am living in abundance. Super grateful for what I have. And I want that for other like minded folk.

On that note, I am beginning to train other Dominants to do What It Is I Do so well. Professional, ethical and elite Domination is an art that I wish to preserve, pass on and share My over 18 years of experience with those that think they can fill the boots.

Thusly, if you would like to flex your exhibitionistic muscle and have another set of eyes gazing down on you as you submit to Me, do let Me know. In initial sessions, there would be no interaction between you and the observer. They would be there to do just that - observe.

Sounds like fun, eh? 

I still have plenty of session appointments available through November. Come show Me some gratitude. Indulge Me.
Or just send Me something discreetly in the mail. 

406 East 300 South
Suite 1000 / Box 141
Salt Lake City UT 84111

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Trick or Treat, I'll Beat Your Meat

Fall is definitely here and it's time to celebrate the Halloween holiday. Are you a trick? Or are you a treat? Come visit Me and I'll be the judge.

I am available for sessions throughout the month of November so don't hesitate to book your next training session. I'm ready for you. *claw flex*

While I prefer 24 hours notice to thoughtfully plan our time together, I am rarely available for same-day sessions as I never book more than one appointment per day. But it never hurts to inquire. Send Me an email for the quickest response. I do not use text messages with My clients as I find it terribly impersonal.

I'm sugared and spiced up and waiting to dig in My claws. 

Phone hours for session consultations and reconfirmations:
(503) 891-8487 - 10AM to 12PM Mountain daily

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Happy Fall & Pumpkin Spice Lube

Happy Fall, perverts.

I'm one of those people who love fall. The trees show off their gorgeous autumnal colored leaves and Trader Joes is stocked with everything pumpkin. 

I've enjoyed some pretty raunchy sessions this week and there are a couple more on the horizon. As a rule of thumb, I never book more than one session per day. Why, you ask? Because I want to be able to focus all of My attention and energy on you. Quite a lot of moxie goes into each session. Each session is an affirmation of spirit, stamina and strength. I love what I do and it shows.

And yes, I did find some pumpkin spice lube. 
Fuck around and find out. *wicked grin*

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

All The Terrible Things I Want To Do To You

It feels so fucking amazing to be back doing what it is I love to do - tease, torment and train. I've missed My bevy of toys, implements and tools to control you. And I think they've secretly missed you too.

It also feels fantastic to be back in sexy lingerie, tight spandex, corsets, leather, stockings and hose and heels and boots. I've just passed a milestone and I'm feeling really good about Myself. So I may be showing off more of Myself - yet another tool I use to control you. 

I'm available for sessions in My private dungeon lair. If you are sincerely interested in the possibility of serving Me, you may send Me an email:

What do I like? - I enjoy games of power and control.
More specifically, in no particular order:
- corporal punishment; otk, paddles, whips, floggers, straps, strops...
- bondage; rope, padded locking leather toys, chains, encasement...
- humiliation; embarrassing predicaments, verbal degradation....
- hoods, blindfolds, gags of all kinds...
- sensory deprivation to sensory overload...
- breath play...
- nipple play....
- cock and ball play and bondage and torture...
- medical play; exams, sounds, needles, electricity....
- sissification, feminization, crossdressing....
- foot worship, heels, stockings, hose, gloves....
- tickle torture....
- trampling....
- electrical play; Folsom, Eros Tek, vintage wands....

These are just some of things I would like to do to you or with you during a session. If you don't see your kink listed here, just ask. Nothing is taboo if asked in a respectful manner.

Sessions with Me run organically meaning if you aren't responding as I'd like from some thing, then I will move on to another. There is never a set schedule of activities. Just an open book for Me to fill with erotic and salacious material. Material that you will be able to keep with you and use for future masturbation sessions.

So, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

You've Waited Long Enough * Now Is The Time

You've been so very patient during the last year and a half and it's high time you treat yourself to a session with Me. Time well-spent that you won't soon forget. I have missed doing what it is I adore doing to you and with you. And it'll show.

The past two weeks have started off with a bang and I'm hungry for more. Is that you? Send Me an email that grabs My attention:

Come spend some quality time with Yours Truly. Step into My private lair and surrender to an experienced Dominant Woman. My play space is warm and inviting. In fact, you may never want to leave.
It's a safe, clean, fully-equipped space filled with everything you desire. A space where you are free to explore some of your kinkiest interests, impish needs and bizarre fetishes. Let Me be your guide. 

Extended/overnight sessions are available to qualified submissives.

Join Me.....

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

My Contact Protocol * Tribute & Gift Info

Thinking about contacting Me? Wish to gain My attention?

Here's how to do it.

If you are wanting to request a session, I prefer you send Me an email. My email address:
Introduce yourself in a brief, polite and thoughtful email.
I will reply with My 'Application For Service' - a simple 10 or so questions that will provide Me with the initial information that I'm looking for to measure basic compatibility. If I like what I read I will want to speak with you by phone to further weigh our compatibility.

Phone time is reserved for session consultations and reconfirmation of sessions. Try not to call unless I am expecting your call as it's not often that I am available to answer My phone. Email is your best bet. I typically respond to emails within 48 hours.

My phone line is open from 10am to 12pm Mountain time, daily.
Ms. Julie's Phone: (503) 891-8487

If when you call you happen to get My voicemail you are free to leave Me a message but understand that I will not be calling you back. As a matter of discretion, I do not call My clients ever. You may simply ring Me back another time during My phone hours. Additionally, if you call outside of My phone hours, I do make notations in My phone. So be conscientious of the time that you are attempting to call Me.

Also, I do not text with My submissives or slaves as I find it terribly informal. Again, email is best.

If approved for a session, My non-negotiable tribute for a typical session is 300 for the first hour and 200 for additional hours. I prefer sessions that are 90 minutes or longer. Unless you are looking for a stern one-hour spanking-only scenario. I've been conducting professional sessions for 18 years. I own My very own private play space. And I have a massive arsenal of equipment, implements, toys, custom pieces and so much more.
My tribute is a reflection of My experience, skill and level of professionalism. I love what I do and I am very good at it. *wink*

Do you like to send gifts? Because I love to receive them.
Here's a link to My Amazon wishlist filled with things I desire for My new dungeon space and special items I'm pining for. For those who missed it, My birthday was just two weeks ago, but I love to receive gifts any day of the year. Indulge Me.