Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sluts Be Slutty * Submit to Me This Week

Typically, I like to play on Sundays, also known as Sinday in My world. But I've had a pretty busy go as of late, so I'm using today to rest.

My week was rounded out with another sensually, smutty session with one of My most loyal sluts who has had the pleasure of serving Me for several years, if not longer. This one is kind, courteous, thoughtful, generous, and slutty. Always pampering Me with gifts hand-selected from My wishlist.  Recently, he chose a sexy, black, lace catsuit so, of course, that is what I planned to wear. I slipped into it moments before his arrival as I knew I would need some assistance to zip it up.
Lucky boy. 
He has grown to be fascinated with the idea of chastity. A seed I planted long ago. He has worn one of My devices for an evening before a scheduled session, but he has also been looking for one (or two) of his own. This is what he presented to Me upon surrendering.
To My delight, a robust, formidable, metal cage that was fitting pretty snug. And then, I began to manipulate and torment him until his poor little cock turned purple, bulging, and swollen. 
Once released, he had superficial marks from the cage easily massaged out as he is forced to orgasm followed with some post-orgasm torture. I relish in tormenting him, over and over again.
Before he left, I had him unzip Me.

I was also thrilled to have a longer session with a new-to-Me, young, sturdy piece of man-meat. We had so many common interests and after speaking with him over the phone, I knew I could arrange for a mind-blowing experience that he will never forget. And that he did.

He loves pain which calls to My sadistic heart. The session was filled with all sorts of devious activities - bondage, sounds, flogging, more bondage, nipple play, cock and ball bondage and torture, lots of slutty butt stuff, whipping, and even more. No photos were taken as, like most of My clients, privacy was of utmost concern.

He was so hungry, begging Me for more of everything. I have a feeling he will find his way back sooner rather than later. And I'll be ready. Ready to lure him in with more of My potent spells of divination.

I do have time available for sessions this week. If you would like to schedule a session, you may send an email with your request. Or ring Me during My phone hours. Contact info is on the right.

I realize it may be easy for you to pull out your wallet, however, I prefer to play with those that pay attention and follow directions.
Do you know how to do just that?
Present yourself and surrender.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Worship My Peds * New Toys * Thank You's

Happy Mid Week Day, also known as Hump Day or Day That Ends In Y. It's another gorgeous day here in Salt Lake City. I started My morning with a luxurious bath followed by some time outside to collect some vitamin D from the sun's rays. Shortly I'm off for a manicure and spa pedicure. Oh how I love having My peds pampered.   

This evening holds a session with one of My favorite boy toys. He always spoils Me with gifts from My wishlist and tonight I'll be surprising him in one of those gifts - a yummy black, lace catsuit.

Speaking of gifts from My Amazon wishlist - I would like to send out a Thank You to the follower Tink who sent fun dress that I look forward to wearing during the summertime. And the anonymous donor who selected a small, beginner, silicone anal training set. These are good for players who don't train in the off season. 

I have room on My calendar for sessions throughout the week and weekend. If you'd like to be considered, simply send Me an email or attempt to reach Me by phone during My phone hours. My contact information and protocol can be found on this page, to the right.

This is The Mistress Photo from Domcon Los Angeles, 2024.
I'm in the second row, just right of center, behind Mistress Cyan, the owner of the convention. So much fun and I'm excited for next year.

Anywhoo.... off to the salon. 

Come play with Me and worship My perfectly pedicured footsies. 

Friday, June 7, 2024

You Want To Be a Whore For Me This Weekend

Happy Friday to those of you that celebrate having the next two days off of work. All I know is that - it's the weekend for most and I've got too much time available for play. So, who's going to throw themselves at My feet? I've got a hankering to do terrible things to a willing slut. Is that you?

The outside temps are getting up there and while the air-conditioning is doing it's job inside the dungeon, it's always rather steamy in there... If you catch My drift. *wink wink*

Yesterday, I entertained a spanko who was feeling exhibitionistic and requested someone to witness his punishment. The simple, subtle presence of having an eyewitness, whether it's giving side-eye glances or disapproving nods, takes the mental aspect to the next level.

Perhaps it's a hooded slave bound in a corner or locked in a cage as I have My way with you. They may have the ability to use their eyes. Or maybe they are only permitted to use their ears. 

This is not an unusual request and also not a problem as I have understanding and compassionate kinky friends. Just let Me know. And keep in mind, there is a logistical process so last-minute inquiries might be an issue. Try to schedule your session in advance.

As you've seen here, I also enjoy taking artistic and slutty photos during sessions. Pictures that you, My blog reader, are privy to have been approved to share by the subject involved.

But not all photos are meant for public consumption and maybe you just crave some visual memories of our time together. I am happy to take photos of you in spicy predicaments that are just for you. 

My contact information is right over there >>>>> 

So, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Bend Over For Me * Sessions Available in SLC

I've safely returned from Los Angeles after slaying Domcon. 
The convention has always been a blast but this year takes the cake.

I was upgraded to a two room suite which offered ample space for extra curricular activities. My classes were very well attended and well-received. The Pro Domme Social I hosted was a hit - more than 100 drop dead gorgeous Dominant Women dropped by for a quick, healthy lunch, some champagne, and delectable vegan macarons. They were also treated to some custom purple pens, custom black Bic lighters, and super soft purple and black silk blindfolds as gifts.

My assistant was on point all week long, never missing a beat.
Their anticipatory service was second to one - My former minion, dara. They were there to help ground Me, dress Me, undress Me, keep Me on time, massage My body and tired feet, make Me tea and snacks, run My baths, and so much more. 

Friday night, I was invited to a private party for latex enthusiasts in the Beverly Hills. There I ran into a fetish photographer I'd always wanted to sit for. He agreed to take photos of Me that Sunday.
An absolute dream come true.

Here's a few more from My camera to tide you....

Today I played hard with a new-to-Me play toy. It was so very fun. 
I look forward to tormenting him over and over again. *claw flex*

Now I'm hungry for more. Want to surrender to Me?
Your only regret will be not staying for a longer session.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Los Angeles@ Domcon Thru Monday 6/3

Los Angeles, I am deep inside you. Its a foggy morning here as I prepare to teach My first class this afternoon. If you are here at the convention, don't hesitate to say hello.

I am offering select session in My hotel suite. And I also plan to visit the play parties and may be interested in a slut or two. Is that you?

Follow Me on social media for candid photos from this glorious week, if I can remember to take some that are shareable. *wink*


Sunday, May 26, 2024

Monday Night Musings...

Leaving on Tuesday for Domcon, Los Angeles. I've been asked to fill in for another presenter so I will be teaching two industry classes - Ethical Domination and Leaving a Legacy. Two topics that have always been on the forefront of My mind throughout My career.

It's been quite a productive weekend thus far. Tomorrow I'll be wrapping up the rest of My packing, leaving Me with time available tomorrow evening for one last session before I leave. If you'd like to present yourself, send Me an email or call Me tomorrow.
Early bird gets the....

Friday, May 24, 2024

Sessions Available Thru the Weekend in SLC

That's right, pervs. I happen to have time available for sessions over the weekend. If you'd like to be considered, you must speak soon. 

You may email your request. Or for a quicker response and confirmation, you may ring during My phone hours. For your reference, My contact information can be found in the purple side bar to the right. To make it even easier, I'll drop it here -

My preferred method of contact is email. I do reply promptly. Please include your 'name', if you've had the pleasure of serving Me previously or not, and a couple of date and time options.

If you choose to call Me, here is what you need to know - 
- Do call from an unblocked number
- Do NOT text unless given My expressed permission
- Do NOT call outside of My phone hours, you'll end up on My Shit List
If you get My voicemail, hang up and try again another time (suggested: 30 minutes intervals). For privacy purposes, I do not call My clients, ever. Phone time is reserved for consultations, scheduling, and reconfirmation of sessions. When you call, be prepared and also be somewhere you can speak freely for a few minutes.
Phone Hours: 10am to 5pm Mountain MDT, daily
Phone: 503-891-8487

I'll be leaving on Tuesday for Los Angeles, returning the following Monday. There is still time to throw yourself under My heel....

If you are in LA and would like to have the opportunity to serve Me, reach out accordingly. And if you'd like to get on My calendar for June and beyond, you may send your request via email.

While it may be easy for you to pull out your wallet, I prefer to play with those that pay attention and follow directions. 

Bust a move.