Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Double Domme Sessions Are Thrice As Fun

In the last week, I've been privy to be apart of not one, but two, Double Domme sessions. Two different sluts. Both equally as fun.

One was Myself and Lady Bianca on one of Her clients at his humble request. In an attempt to please Me, he wore a sexy, purple lacy number including a stretchy bra top, some extremely revealing panties, a slutty garter and some thigh high stockings underneath his vanilla clothes. All purple. It made for a good first impression.

Lady Bianca and I spent two hours teasing and tormenting this Undercover Slut. Not sure he realized what he was getting himself into until it was too late. We definitely put him through his paces. I tied his legs open in a frog tie using some of My favorite purple bondage rope for easy access amongst other various positions. It was a blast. And he had a blast. A wee too early though... And he suffered dearly for it. *wink*.
In the end, when we were done with him, he luckily found himself at our feet for a bit of quality time.

The next Double Domme session was at the request from a submissive who had served Me previously, once. The first time session took place at My previous dungeon location and it was an Introductory Session as he was brand spanking new. Since then, he has been privileged to serve some experienced Dommes and providers in big cities. And he humbly requested another Domme join us, if possible.

While his request was somewhat last-minute, I happen to have time available to accommodate him. As well as his request for another Dominant Woman to join us. The infamous Miss Grey, who for the last several years has only been offering sessions to her regular stable of slaves, is opening up Her schedule to exceptional sluts only. 

Double Domme sessions are available with - 
Mx. Novatrix, Salt Lake City's Premiere Ex-Mormon Domme
Lady Bianca, Lifestyler Turned Pro
Miss Raven Grey (pictured above), back from semi-retirement

Interested in discussing the possibility of a Double Domme session with Yours Truly and one of the finer professionals conducting sessions at My private space, send Me an email. Sincere inquiries only.
My email: msjulie@juliespanks.com

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

My Favorite Kinks & FAQ

Seems I have a lot of newer followers here in the past couple of months so I thought I'd drop some basic information in regards to the possibility of scheduling a session or sessions with Yours Truly. Please keep in mind, new applicants must pass My screening process. Just because I offer sessions, does not mean I offer sessions to everyone.

Q: what kinky activities and fetishes do you enjoy most?
A:  I get high on games of Power & Control. While corporal punishment, funishment and domestice discipline are My specialty, I also enjoy a plethora of other activities too. Such as bondage - rope, leather, chains, encasement, mummification, sleepsacs and more. Impact or rougher body play such as hitting, punching, face slapping, flogging, canes, whips, cat-of-nines, paddles and on. I love hoods and gags and blindfolds. I revel in electrical play, sounds, medical role play, needles, prostate checkups and milking. I relish in piss play and butt stuff with select sluts. I love thoughtful humiliation and embarrassing predicaments and mind fuckery. Tickling. Cock and ball bondage, cock and ball torment and torture. Nipple play and torment. Sissification and dollification. Foot worship. Very specific Jack Off Instructions (JOI) as a mean of reward and/or punishment. Sensory deprivation to overload. And more. Did I leave your kink out? Politely ask Me. Nothing is taboo is worded in a proper fashion.
My non-interests - scripted scenes, diapers, scat, red/roman.

Q: I'm brand new to BDSM and want to learn more. Do you see noobs?
A: absolutely, I adore playing with noobies just as much as I appreciate connecting with seasoned subs, slaves, spankos et al.

Q: how much do you charge?
A: Currently, My non-negotiable tribute is 300 for the first hour and 200 per additional hours. I prefer sessions of at least 90 minutes unless we negotiate a simple foot worship or strict punishment session. Cash though other arrangements may be negotiated. Also please note - My tribute is a direct reflection of My level of professionalism, experience level, expansive equipment collection and private dedicated safe space where you can fully surrender and explore your darker desires with an understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable Woman. I've been orchestrating scenes for over 19 years and operating a professional playspace for 15 years.
It's not a part-time job for Me. It is My lifestyle.

Q; do you offer appointments on Sundays?
A: Yes! In fact, I do not discriminate and I love to play every day of the week. I will begin sessions as early as 10am or as late as 10pm unless I  am keeping you for an extended time or overnight. Sessions are at least 90 minutes, if not 120 minutes or longer. The only hour-long scenes I offer are a simple foot worship scene or a strict punishment scene. Please be aware - I'm rarely available for same-day sessions as I only schedule one session per day. I give it My all in session and it's too much energy to disperse throughout a day to more than one person. I'm a quality-over-quantity type player.

Q: is your dungeon discreet?
A: My dungeon is in a humble house, in a nice quiet neighborhood on a corner lot with plenty of street parking. While there are currently four Dommes working from My space, we share a calendar for easy scheduling and to make sure there is no overlap. When you come in for a session we will have the entire space to ourselves. The space features three uniquely appointed play rooms, a full bathroom, a kitchen, dining room and comfortable living room.

Q: do you offer double Domme sessions?
A: why, yes. My cohorts would most likely be interested - Mx Novatrix, Lady Bianca or Mistress Raven Grey. Side Note: I've been tossing around idea for fun intimate parties with the four of us and maybe two or three lucky subsmissives... Oh the naughtiness that would ensue. More on this spicy idea in a later post.

Q: do you offer extended or overnight sessions?
A: I do. My dungeon space is neatly appointed and built for extended, overnight and longer stays. There is a comfy 6' cage, a bondage bed that provides many options as well as a Serta sleeper in the living room. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and a restroom.

Q: do you rent it out to people for a night or weekend?
A: I'm getting very close to having the space equipped and available for hourly, overnight and weekend-long rentals. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Q: what do you wear in a session?
A: unless one has a special request, I wear whatever makes Me feel powerful and sexy. I love wearing spandex, latex and tight shiny and/or see-thru numbers. Pantyhose, stockings, high heels and boots,

I hope this answers some, if not all, of your questions.
If not, send Me an email - msjulie@juliespanks.com

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Goodbye (For Now) To My Tie Slut

Last week I had a session with My Tie Slut. It was a Farewell For Now session as he is relocating for his job. First to the east coast for a while. And then, most likely, out of the country. So I'm keeping My hopes up that he will find his way back to Me at least one more time before then. But it's goodbye for now.

He landed in My lap several years ago, a newer submissive with an interesting fetish that he was reluctant to share cause he thought it was a little weird and different from the other fetishes that I regularly play around.

Through his training, he evolved from being 'My submissive' into 'My Tie Slave'. Now he is and forever will be 'My Tie Slut'. Fitting nicknames that clearly explain the evolution of his training.

His kink - crisply ironed dress shirts and nice ties. 

As the years have passed, we have taken a deep dive into Boss/employee role play. Both of us dressed in business attire.
Using ties as restraints, gags and blindfolds. 

My Tie Slut has always been very generous and thoughtful. Bringing Me dress shirts to defile - I love to rip them open (buttons flying everywhere), ties to use as I wish, other gifts and presents from My Amazon wishlist as well as cash-stuffed pockets. He loves it when I frisk him roughly only to find gratuities and more "hidden" inside.


In our Farewell session, I had him to list the three most important things he has learned during his training. His answers: 

I will miss him. But something tells Me he will be back.

I have always adored exploring the obscure and arcane. In fact, I have learned so much from My clients over the years, it has been an honor and brought Me so much satisfaction and happiness. It feels too good to be able to conduct sessions that turn out to be life changing. It feels too good to be able to orchestrate such mind blowing scenes that keep sluts coming back year after year.

It's that good.

Cum to Me.

*all photos posted with his permission.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Portland ~ Limited Engagement 10/28 to 10/31

Portland submissives, slaves and sluts - I will be in town Friday, October 28th through Monday, October 31st with limited appointment slots available. If you are interested in the possibility of serving Me, drop Me an email - msjulie@juliespanks.com

I hope to reconnect with one or two of My most loyal slaves and longest standing spankos. These subs have been under My thumb for My entire professional career. I'm so fucking grateful for these special sluts who have been by My side since the jump off. And, who knows, maybe I'll have time for a new-to-Me supplicant.

My Salt Lake dungeon has some new kitchen appliances. All to make for more comfortable and convenient kinky staycations and extended, overnight and weekend-long sessions. So, when I say "fully appointed", I mean it. Submit yourself to Me and stay a while. I will take very, very good care of you. *wink*

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Individual, Couples & Double Domme Sessions

I finally was able to run by My mailbox and collect My many boxes.
All gifts from My wishlist. Most from My Tie Slut who loves to shower Me with presents. One package contained a show-stopping black tulle robe fit for a Queen like Me. There was no note attached so if that was you - thank you.

Today also included a Double Domme session with Yours Truly and Lady Bianca. We teamed up against one of Her doting submissives who humbly requested both of us for a session. This boy was well-behaved and very eager to please, arriving (two minutes early) in a sexy purple lace ensemble (purple is My favorite color) that left little to the imagination underneath his vanilla boy clothes. This boy needs direction but is discovering so much about himself in the process. Like what an Undercover Slut he is. More on our steamy session later.

I have appointments available throughout the next month. I will be out of town and unavailable for sessions October 15th through October 22nd so plan your training accordingly.

Interested in the possibility of scheduling a session?
I enjoy sessions with individuals and couples of all dynamics. As well as Double Domme sessions with one of My Dominant cohorts.
Think you can handle it?
Send Me an email: msjulie@juliepanks.com

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Sessions Available in SLC * Surrender To Me

I safely returned from My sabbatical and have caught up on emails.
If you've sent an email over the last two weeks and I have not responded, please resend your email.

I'm charged up and ready to do what I do best - train submissives, wanton slaves, newbies, spankos, sissies and sluts. If you would like to surrender yourself to Me for a session, send Me an email - msjulie@juliespanks.com

New-to-Me applicants should request My Application For Service and will be subject to My screening. I know you don't want to waste My time or your money, hence, a simple screening for new clients is essential. If you've served Me in the past, you may call during My phone hours or simply send your request via email.

I have availability this week and beyond with no official travel plans until next month. And I am very much looking forward to Tuesday when Lady Bianca and I are double-teaming on one of Her submissives. That's going to be wicked fun.

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

On Sabbatical Thru 9/8 * Scheduling September

My dear sluts and wanton submissives - it's that time. I'm off for the next two weeks. If you'd like to schedule a session upon My safe return, you may send Me an email and I will get back to you when I'm back at My desk. The rest of My month is pretty wide open.

Will you be open for Me?

Please be aware - I will not have any internet nor phone service while I am away so practice your patience, piggies. Sit on your hands.
Or, better yet, lock yourself up and mail Me the key....

406 E. 300 S.
Suite 1000, Box 141
Salt Lake City UT 84111

It's never too late to send Me a (belated) birthday gift.
Here's My Amazon wishlist link.
My Venmo: @JulieSpanks
CashApp: $JulieSpanks

Until My safe return, try to behave yourself. *wink*