Thursday, November 7, 2019

Currently Available in SLC

I'm in beautiful Salt Lake City with time available for sessions.

Wish to submit to a sexy, experienced and sensually sadistic Woman? Have a hankering to be Over My Knee? Need to be dressed up, tied up and tickled? Or teased, tormented and tortured by Yours Truly?

Send Me an email to schedule your appointment. If you are new-to-Me, I do have a simple screening and application process as I am a quality-over-quantity player. If you've served Me in the past you may ring during My phone hours. Please allow some advanced notice.
I am rarely available for same-day sessions.

My email:

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Portland, Heads Up! 12/9 to 12/13

I'm blazing through town again - one more time before 2019 comes to a close and I will have limited timed available for sessions while I'm in town. Some of My time is already spoken for by My most loyal of submissives who are always offered first crack at My schedule.

If we have yet to meet and you would like to be taken into consideration you may send Me an email and introduce yourself.
Be sure and make it a goody, cause you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Deposit required for new-to-Me sluts.

My email:

I anticipate My schedule to be super full. And I won't be back until late March/early April so if you are sincerely interested in submitting to Me you better bust a move and plan your training accordingly.

Monday, November 4, 2019

So Many Fetishes, Never Enough Time

Throughout My 16+ year career as a professional Dominatrix I have entertained so many interesting and sometimes peculiar fetishes.
Much of these intriguing fetishes introduced to Me by the kinky fucks that have these odd fetishes.

So far, in My humble experience, the more unusual the better.

One of My very first sessions revolved around sploshing (messy food play) and foot worship. It was a fantastic foray into the Wide World of Fetishes and since then I've had the distinct pleasure of living and learning so much more about the human psyche than any college class could have ever taught Me.

I've had lovely sessions with leather fans, latex fetishists, pantyhose and stocking fetishists, cross-dressers, leather glove fetishists, latex glove fetishists, pantie and lingerie enthusiasts and more.

And then there are those who fetishize certain implements - whips, fraternity/sorority paddles, rope, chains, canes, ball gags and such.

It's no surprise that I enjoy spanking. I play with a lot of spankos and spankophiles which I consider to be a fetish. One of My longest standing clients is a spanko. He likes spanking. And that's it. He is Over My Knee for an hour while I have a good go at his behind as we casually discuss common interests like travel or ladies foot fashion.

I had a super fun session once with a gentleman who's wife brought him in for a punishment scene for some misdoing. You see, she Wore The Pants but when it came to doling out a severe punishment, sometimes she would take him to a professional. She relaxed on the velvet purple chaise lounge with a Pellegrino and watched as I delivered the beating. He was stoic and probably showing off. Took it all and then some. He had a proclivity for rubber boots, specifically Hunter boots, and being forced to clean them with his tongue after they'd served their purpose in the horse stalls. After the discipline session, for our entertainment, she ordered him to clean a pair that I had in waiting. The bottoms covered in what looked to be horse shit. Was really German chocolate cake icing.

If you've been following along, you've read I'm currently training a slave who has a very strong fixation for a nice white dress shirt and tie. Our sessions are truly riveting as I learn more about how exactly his brain is connected to these silk ties is connected to his hard cock.

Last Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to share My love of pantyhose and encasement with a new-to-Me fellow pantyhose fetishist. We had a splendid time together and I am very much looking forward to our next encounter. And more hose! *weg*

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Spice It Up With Another Sub or Domme

I have been curating a handful of local Women here in Salt Lake City who wish to learn more about What It Is I Do. And soon I will be able to offer some extras that can be a super hot addition to any session.

Such as a beautiful Woman watching silently and intently as I torment you mercilessly - an exhibitionists dream. An amateur "photographer" to capture some evidence (on your camera or Mine) for your future wanking sessions. Adding another sexy submissive to be spanked by your side or squirm as she's tied with you in some predicament bondage. Or a newer Domme learning hands on from Yours Truly.

If this piques your interest you may send Me an email. Tell Me what you're fantasizing about and maybe we can turn your fantasy into a hot reality. There will of course be an additional tribute expected.

These sessions will take a little more advanced planning as well as negotiations so be sure to plan your super hot fantasy in advance.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tricks & Treats in Salt Lake City

So, are you a trick? Or are you a treat? -- Come and show Me.

I have time available for sessions this week. Are you ready to submit?

Some of the many things I enjoy include games of Power & Control, sensual Domination, cross dressers, sissies, spanking, OTK, bondage, corporal punishment, cock and ball torture and play and busting and bondage and pain, nipple play, edging, floggers, whips, canes, sounds, electrical play, gags, hoods, foot worship and much more.
And I am always interested in exploring different and unique fetishes.

Don't see your kink listed here? Send Me an email.
Nothing is taboo if said in a polite manner.
My tribute begins at 250/hr.

My email:

Geographically challenged? Too shy to submit to Me in the flesh?
Call Me on Niteflirt. If I appear to be unavailable send Me an email and we will find a time that works for both of us.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Salt Lake City Sessions Available

I've returned to the City of Salt. Portland, you never disappoint.
Dined at some of My most very favorite spots. Shopped at some of My favorite shops. Walked around the city, along the waterfront and through several local gardens. The fall colors were stunningly beautiful. The streets littered with leaves. And to top it off, I had the pleasure of playing with some of My loyal submissives. Perfect.
I'll be back early December. Stay tuned for dates and availability.

In the meantime, I've got time available for sessions and am itching to torture a willing supplicant. If you've served Me in the past you may send your request via email or ring during My phone hours.

If you are new-to-Me, I prefer to play with polite, submissive, compliant and generous humans who wish to learn more about bondage, discipline, sadomasochism and explore the finer nuances of surrender.

I have My own play space. It's discreet, clean, warm and equipped with My massive collection of implements and tools to control you.

I also have more than 16 years of professional experience though I've been a kinky player My whole life. It is My lifestyle. I live it everyday. It's not just a day job, side hustle nor a hobby.

Request an Application For Service, email:
Introduce yourself. And make it a good one.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Monday, October 14, 2019

The End of the Double Evil

Whelp, it happened. My Double Evil Nipple Tree that I have owned for probably 15 years finally gave up the ghost. I will say, it has served Me well and now I am in need of a new one. Hands down, the best hands-free nipple torture device ever made. 

If you'd like to be the generous soul to replace it, I would be so grateful. Or you could simply send Me an e-gift card from the Stockroom and let Me do some online kinky shopping. We certainly don't have the necessary local proprietors in Salt Lake and I'd love to wield some new-to-Me toys. All you need is My email address and your e-gift card is delivered automatically to My inbox.

My email:

Go on, make My day.