Thursday, July 18, 2019

Salt Lake Sessions Next Week

Portland, you never disappoint. I'll be back in October and December.

Today I'm headed up the coast to Seattle for a few days of relaxation.
I will not be available for sessions. Nor will you find Me on Niteflirt.

I will, however, be back in Salt Lake City next week and am looking to spank a naughty butt and torment a willing supplicant.  Is that you??

I've time available for real time sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. If you'd like to be considered you may send your humble request via email or ring Me during My phone hours.

Phone hours: 10am to 12noon daily, Mountain Time
Phone: (503) 891 8487

*Do not call outside of My phone hours - you'll be blocked for life.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Portland Bound til Thursday

I'm headed to My former beloved hometown of Portland today.
If you've yet to make arrangements for a session, you are too late.
My schedule is already jam packed with devilish debauchery.

I will, however, be returning in October and December and I prefer to schedule session time in advance. If you'd like to get on My calendar, you should speak soon. Session time is somewhat limited when I am in Portland as I have lots to see and do. And preferential treatment is always offered to My loyal stable of submissives first.

A 'Thank You' to the thoughtful human who sent Me something special from My Amazon wishlist. And a timely reminder that My birthday is coming up in a month on August 16th. I LOVE to receive gifts in the mail. Your credit card statement will simply reflect an charge and your gift(s) will be sent directly to Yours Truly.

To kick off My week - I'ma make today My Best Bottom Bitch Monday.
It's going to be a very, very good week! *grin*

Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer Tan & Sessions This Weekend

It's Friday and it's going to be another hot one today. I'll be working on My summer tan, sans tan lines, and plotting next week's escape.

I've got a few sluts to torment in Portland, good food to eat with good friends and all of the glorious greenery that Oregon has to offer.

Then it's up to Seattle, stomping grounds of My youth, for a few nights of much-needed peaceful gazing at the beautiful Puget Sound.

If you'd like to catch Me in Salt Lake City this weekend, you may submit your proposal via email or call Me during My phone hours.
I've limited time available but understand that I am not sitting around waiting for you to call Me. The more advanced notice, the better.

Phone hours: 10AM to 12PM daily Mountain @ (503) 891-8487

Be aware: if you call outside of My phone hours, I will never take your call as I prefer those that pay attention and follow My directions.

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Rest of My July & Sessions

Just one week before I head to Portland. If you are in Salt Lake and would like to serve Me, you're in luck. I have limited time available throughout the week. But you better bust a move. My time will fill quickly. As is the rest of My month.

The remainder of My July looks like this:
Portland -- Monday, July 15th to Thursday, July 18th
Seattle (no sessions) -- Thursday, July 18th to Sunday 21st
Salt Lake City -- Monday, July 22nd to Thursday, July 25th
Denver -- Friday, July 26th to Monday, July 29th
Salt Lake City -- July 30th and 31st

I am available for sessions on most days in the respective cities, except for My few days of respite in Seattle.

Longing to be at My feet? Send your request via email. Or for those of you with My phone number, you may ring during My phone hours.
My email:

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Come Fly With Me

Last night I had a most excellent session with a submissive who upon negotiation expressed his strong desire in being heavily flogged until he reached "that floaty feeling".

This floaty feeling or sense of flying is what is known as headspace or subspace. And once you're there, it feels almost as if you are soaring through the air. Flogging is just one of the avenues I like to use to get there as it's melodic rhythm is quite hypnotic.

Well I have a little secret for you - when you fly, I fly too... *smile*
This is known as Topspace.

It a drug called Endorphins. And it's naturally produced by your brain.

There's an actual brain science behind this phenomenon explained in this informative article HERE by Vice. Check it out.

Come fly with Me. I have flights departing daily.
With your consent, of course. *wink*

Monday, July 1, 2019

Serve Me Now in Salt Lake City

Happy Monday, perverts and welcome to July! We've made it to the mid-way point of 2019 and we're just 6 weeks away from My birthday!

The temps are heating up but My air conditioner is working like a charm. Lest we get too hot down there in the dungeon... *grin*

I'll be available for sessions over the next two weeks in Salt Lake City. If you'd like to serve Me, you may send an email with your request.
If you've had the pleasure of serving Me already, you may ring My phone at a reasonable hour. Don't leave a voicemail. Just call back.

I'll be in Portland in two weeks for a fistful of days and at this time, I have very limited availability. If you wish to discuss, contact Me soon.

My email:

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Just The Tip, Sluttery & Summer Tan

Get on your knees and kiss My feet. It's Wednesday!

It's also supposed to be a hot week in the Salt Lake Valley. So, today I'll be reading a new book poolside, sipping on ice tea and reflecting on the last week while working on My summer tan. Sans tan lines.

I had two lovely sessions this last week - one with a new-to-Me boy who was eager to please and conducted himself in the best manner possible. And another with one I've been getting to know more intimately and I am very much looking forward to our next encounter.

I'm in town for the next few weeks and available for sessions.
Wish to submit yourself to My whim?
Send Me an email: