Monday, March 18, 2019

Surrender to Me in SLC

It's almost Spring and the weather is perking up like a nice pair of sensitive nipples. Makes Me want to spank some naughty butts with vigor and have some kinky fun. What about you? *brow cock*

If you have served Me in the past and have My phone number, you may call Me during My phone hours to schedule an appointment.

I have some availability in My schedule this week but please allow some advance notice as I am rarely to never available for same-day sessions. I mean -- Yes, I own My own play space. Yes, I make My own schedule. And Yes, I may want to play with you. But, the idea is -- I'm not just sitting around waiting for you to call Me. *wink*

I do like to put some thought and effort in plotting our time together.
I enjoy preparing for a session to make it special and memorable.
Because it can be extraordinary. If you let it.

New-to-Me? - Email Me for an application:

Sincere inquiries only.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Predicament Bondage Anyone?

I am often inspired by articles I read. Especially when written by friends and cohorts. This recent Kinkly article is written by Portland education guru Stella Harris  on the topic of predicament bondage. With tidbits and tips by Annamarie.

Predicament bondage is something I very much enjoy. It challenges My creativity, My imagination and My ingenuity. I like making use of toes, cocks, fingers, limbs or even ears in crazy and unique ways you cannot even fathom. Stretching and tormenting you with heights, hooks, pulleys and counterweights. And oh yea, vibrators.

It's a challenge for Me as every body is different in shape and range of motion. Location and surroundings can also add inspiration whether you are outside in the woods or in My well-equipped dungeon.

It is a challenge for you - mentally, emotionally and physically.
You want to please Me, even if it's torturous....
Or do you want to feel good, even if it costs you?

Finally, I relish in using My voice and My wit to exploit your needs and desires. Because it's fun for Me. And for you. Otherwise, why do it?

Want to get creative? I have some time available this weekend.

My email:

Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday Musings From My Inbox....

Happy Monday, perverts.

It's been a very busy week for Me, spanking butts and training slaves.
I wanted to share a delightfully eloquent email I received from a doting submissive in Portland. With her permission. Enjoy!

Good early morning to You, Ms Julie!
Thank You very much for Your message. I apologize for the delay in responding but my work travel began shortly after our meeting. I am currently trying and failing to fall asleep in Detroit while it snows steadily outside. 

My body has rebounded faithfully as always and the drop was not too bad. The marks on my back and inner thighs were just lovely to look at and prod and enjoy. I thank You for them.

As to my limits, I would be happy to share with You whatever You would like to know. Most of my experience taking heavy pain from my former dominant partner and other more casual partners has generally been taking it very steadily with brief pauses between heavy blows to process, similar to the way You and I played at our first meeting. Slower waveforms. Barrages of blows, or faster waveforms, with fewer pauses was more rare. This kind of play can feel to me like dancing on the edge of a towering windy cliff, giddy and overwhelming and frightening. It makes me feel both grounded and cut loose, pathetic and powerful, as I cycle through the feelings of "I can't take it/I can take it!" very swiftly. 

Spanking, the needles and wax, nipple play, these are very intense but sensual pain of the kind that turns me into a writhing, satisfied cat, purring smugly. The impact play on my upper back and inner thighs are where I found that cliff edge and had to face myself there, precariously balanced between stability and falling away. There is so much beauty and wisdom in that place and I want to keep going there with You and map it more thoroughly, and given Your ferocious delight when I let my tears come freely, I have a feeling You agree.

The greedy little pain slut in me wants more and more and more spanks and restraint and needles and nipple torture because those things are pure sybaritic fun and giddy delight and yummy ouch. The submissive in me wants to offer You my darkest places to plumb with heavy unrelenting pain and draw out what I hide from myself. I gather those gifts up, take them away from our time together, and sort them through to continue learning what I am made of.

I hope that helps and isn't too much babbling. If there is anything other information that would be useful to You please let me know and it is Yours.

With my deepest gratitude, 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Pure Pleasure from Pure Wands & the Eleven

Tidying on a Sunday afternoon and ran across this handwritten note from Greg, the creator of njoy products. He graciously sent Me this little note, a notepad with a pen, a stack of stickers and a shiny new Pure Wand as a gift after reading one of My blog entries where I (apparently) went on and on and on about My experience with one.

He reported that they had received so many clicks from My website that he wanted to reward Me with one. And keep talking about it.  

The Pure Wand is a beautiful piece of stainless steel with a delicate curve and long reach, perfect for those with higher G and P spots.
It warms to body temperature quickly and since its non-porous, it's super easy to clean and very shareable.

After years of use, I decided to splurge and shine up My toy box with the Eleven. It's 11 inches in length and 3 pounds of pure pleasure.

Definitely some of My most favorable insertable toys.

Friday, March 1, 2019

March Mischief Managed

Spring is quickly approaching. Daffodils and crocuses are poking their heads through the wet ground. Time for things to grow and bloom.

Even you. Yes, you.

If you've been holding off on contacting Me, wait no longer. A session with Me is exhilarating, therapeutic and sometimes even cathartic. Plus, when was the last time you did something nice for yourself?

Come spend some quality time with Me in My discreet and sexy play space and escape your regular day-to-day rigmarole. You'll return renewed, refreshed and ready to face the world. Until the next time.

I've got no travel plans until mid-April so schedule your training now.
Send Me an email to request My Application For Service.
My email:
Serious inquiries only.

Geographically challenged? Wish to speak with Yours Truly on the phone? Nothing is taboo if you are speaking to Me in a polite fashion. I've had some fairly odd conversations with folks over the years who believe they have the weirdest fetish. Nothing has yet to surprise Me. And I relish in hearing all about your kinky pastimes. Odd or not.

For 2019, I've lowered My rates on Niteflirt making it easier for you to speak to Me for longer. Click on the link ^^^ here or on the 'Call Now' button on the right hand panel. Or you can dial 1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 02403288. It's all anonymous. Call and confess your desires.
Charges will on your statement appear discreetly as 'NF Services'.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

My Screening Process For New-To-Me Clients

Over the years My screening process has been fine-tuned into what it is today - a straight-forward, simple process that works well for Me.

First, My preferred method of contact is email. Make sure your email is polite and to the point. If it's a long rambling email lacking punctuation and appears to have been copied and pasted to All Of The Other Dommes, it's likely you won't receive a response.

So you better make your email a goody --

Cause you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Next, if your email manages to pique My interest, I will respond with My Application For Service. Just ten to twelve basic questions that I expect to be answered in an honest, timely and concise manner.

Finally, if I like what I read, I will schedule a phone consultation at a time that works for both of us where we can talk more about your desires, My expectations, the imaginable possibilities, answer any of your questions and book a session based on our compatibility.
If I think we are not a good fit, I will let you know.

Please be aware - I enjoy having a little time to prepare mentally, physically and even logistically for a session. Which is another reason I am rarely available for same-day sessions.

Make the effort to plan your play time in advance so I have the opportunity to thoughtfully plot our time together. If you wish to create lasting memories, that is. (aka Future Jackoff Material).

Not to mention, it's just plain respectful. And respect is sexy AF.

I realize it may be easy for you to pull out your...wallet. But I prefer to play with those that pay attention and follow direction.

Email Me at:

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Speak With Yours Truly on Niteflirt

Have you ever wanted to hear what My voice sounds like?

Are there some kinky questions that you are burning to ask Me?

Desire to talk to someone who understands your dark fantasy?

Wish to discuss a possible session before committing yourself?

Want to tell Me in detail exactly what you pine for....?

In My extra time, you may find Me available for kinky conversation and salacious phone sessions on Niteflirt. On the phone, we can talk about anything we want to. No matter how dirty or just plain factual.

Because I am a "lifestyler", I speak with a lot of people from all over the world who want to talk to a Dominant Woman with actual real-time experience in the lifestyle and BDSM community.

Being a pro Domme is something I continue to do (after 15+ years) because I love it and, frankly, I am very good at it. It is a natural extension of My daily routine and not just a Day Job for Me.

Interested? Give Me a call.

Click the link on the right side panel or dial 1-800-TO-FLIRT.
My extension is 02403288. $2.19 per minute.
Charges appear discreetly on your statement as 'NF Services'.

If I do not appear to be available, just send Me an email to schedule a time that works for both of us.