Sunday, March 18, 2018

OFF THE GRID thru Friday 3/24

Remember when we used to travel the globe without a cell phone?

Me and My passport are hitting the road and I'm refusing to extend My phone plan internationally for the duration. Because sometimes you just need to escape the tethers of electronic devices such as a cellular telephone, television or fucking computer. Especially when it's meant to be a super relaxing vacation with your best girl friends.

So hold all your calls and emails. I'll be back in My office on Saturday the 25th and will happily respond to you upon My safe return. Mkay?

Until then, sit on your hands.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Confessions of a Bondage Enthusiast

I often have requests for tight, restrictive bondage. And to that I say - hell yes! I adore placing someone in a confining situation using a myriad of tools - rope, metal, mummified in saran, or plaster cast.

My personal preference for bondage is definitely the high-quality, heavy, padded, locking leather devices - those really get Me off.

One of My favorite purveyors of fine leather bondage gear is Mr S.
Lay your eyes on some of their eye candy and delicious bondage gear here. Along with anything made by Fetters, a British company now offering their gear stateside.

If you've had the pleasure of being in My bondage, you might already be familiar with some of these exquisite toys and gadgets.

I'd love to add this heavy posture collar to My collection. I already own a simple one, but I think this formidable, rigid model is so sexy. Not to mention it would make the eye work even harder to wander. Always reminding you just who is in control. *weg*

Monday, March 12, 2018

Portland Sessions 4/5 to 4/10 - BOOKING NOW

I have yet to post any ads online for My upcoming visit though I'm busy filling My schedule. And I know you want to be on it. *wink*

I've still got some limited time available for qualified candidates -
Thursday, April 5th to Tuesday, April 10th

I do mean limited time available as I only set a certain amount of session slots for each visit and once they are filled, that's it. Really.

And I do mean qualified candidates. This means, either A) we've played before; and/or B) you've taken the time to read through the information provided on My website prior to reaching out.
There you will find answers to most of your questions. Yes, really.

And finally, a qualified candidate has passed My application and screening process typically beginning with an introductory email that has piqued My interest and consisting of a completed application form (10-12 questions), followed by a phone call to further discuss.

You see, I realize it may be simple for you to pull out your wallet, but I prefer to play with those that pay attention and follow directions.

I'll be back in July so be sure to schedule your training accordingly.

What are you waiting for? - Bust a move!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Adventures in Sploshing

One of My first forays into professional (paid) work was with a gentleman I met while tending bar at one of Portland's fine titty bars. His name was Robert. He had a shoe and foot fetish that we shared in common and we would chat at length in great detail during My shifts.

At that moment in My life I was trying to wrap My brain around the idea of offering professional sessions when the dam fucking broke -
I had interesting people on all sides presenting Me with propositions that I found too provocative to resist.

Such as - a client of My ex-girlfriend who danced at said titty bar that was a high-profile ER doc who wished to be dominated by a complete stranger. Another bar patron who was a self-professed spankophile. And Robert, the foot fetishist that also enjoyed sploshing, something I had never done before.

So one day as Robert sipped on his coca-cola at My bar we negotiated a scene and made a date for dinner and foot worship. The following evening I met him at the restaurant of My choosing, conveniently located within walking distance of his apartment. We shared a lovely meal and I was able to speak with him on a more personal level about his kinks. And that's when he told Me about the sploshing.

We ordered dessert to go and strolled leisurely back to his pad.

Once there I found a comfy seat on the couch. Robert disappeared to the kitchen I presume, only to return with big grin and cup of hot tea, promptly taking a seat on the floor at My feet. He ceremoniously removed My shoes and socks and proceeded to give My peds one of the most delightful and lengthy foot rubs I have ever received.

When he was done he kissed the tops and gazed up at Me longingly.

We retreated to the bathroom where the dessert awaited on a plate. It was some sort of creamy pie, go figure. I had him slowly remove his clothing and get in the tub. And I had My dessert... *weg*

I smeared that creamy pie all over Robert, from head to toe including his eyeglasses. His reaction was something that I will never forget.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Serve Me in SLC

I must admit, I've had a very slow re-entry to Salt Lake. Kinda hard to go from 80 and tropical to 18 and snowy, so I've been taking My sweet time in front of the warm fireplace snuggled up with My fur babies.

Not to worry, My private dungeon playspace is nice and toasty, too.
And I know how we can heat it up even more... *weg*

But do understand that I'm not just sitting around here in My dungeon waiting for you to call Me. My life is pretty fucking full right now so you're going to have to plan in advance. In other words, I am rarely to never available for same-day sessions so take this into consideration prior to contacting Me. Not to mention, I take great pleasure in planning our time together and giving you all of My wicked attention.

That said, I am currently available for sessions to select individuals (and couples) in Salt Lake City. If you are new-to-Me I request that you familiarize yourself with My website prior to contacting Me.
And if you've had the distinct pleasure of serving Me in the past, you may send your request via email or call Me during My phone hours.

Near Future Travel Schedule -
No Sessions -- Sunday, March 18th through Friday, March 23rd
Portland -- Thursday, April 5th through Tuesday, April 10th
San Jose, CA -- Wednesday, April 15th thru Monday, April 23rd
Fort Lauderdale/Orlando -- Thursday, April 26th thru Tuesday, May 1st

If you'd like to discuss a session in one of these cities, send Me an email. And remember, when I'm not on the road, I'm almost always available in Salt Lake with advanced notice. Though I am becoming even more selective of My professional clients, I'm attracted to good manners and respect. And the random Egift Card always helps *wink*

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Vacation Thru 2/21

I'm getting back on a jet plane today, headed for paradise. It's going to be a relaxing week and you can hope for some pictures.

I'll be back in Salt Lake on the 21st and available for sessions upon My safe return. I won't be answering My phone much, if at all. So send your request via email and give Me a day or three to respond.

Until then - sit on your hands. *wink/smirk*

Monday, February 12, 2018

Bring It, Portland - 4/5 to 4/10

Calling all Portland slaves, subs, spankos, sissys, sluts and sissy sluts -

I'm accepting applications and session requests for My next visit:

Thursday, April 5th to Tuesday, April 10th

If you'd like to have the opportunity to serve Me while I'm in town, I suggest you contact Me sooner rather than later. I only allot so many session slots on each visit so you better bust a move.

If you are new-to-Me, take the time to familiarize yourself with My website prior to reaching out. There you will find information about Me - My interests, session types, tribute amounts and much more.

Remember - you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And these days, I'm not giving too many second chances.
If any. At all.

I've become very selective in My choosing of professional clients.
Because I can.

If we've already met, just send your request to Me in an email.

I'll be on vacation 2/13-2/21, so give Me a day or two to reply.