Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Naughty or Nice in SLC

I am home in Salt Lake for the rest of the year so if you are behind on your training, you have a couple more weeks to get caught up. *wink*

And yes, it's cold outside but My dungeon is nice and toasty warm.
After all, I do want you to be comfortable while I am tormenting you.

Not to mention its perfect weather for more leather, encasement and heavy bondage. And a good spanking over My knee and warm lap.

Now's the time, My pets - have you been naughty or nice this year?
But really, who the fuck cares? The fact of the matter is, we do not need a reason or a season to get our needs, wants and desires met.

Long no more.

Submit to My whim? Send Me an email. And make it snazzy.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

SLC Sessions & Thank Yous & Niteflirt

Yes, I am in Salt Lake City and available for sessions from the privacy and comfort of My dungeon play space discreetly located downtown.
I do not do outcall appointments - you must come to Me.

New-to-Me? - If you are willing to jump a few hoops through My screening process, you may very well find yourself end up over My lap, strapped to a spanking bench, tied to a unique piece of furniture or wrapped tightly in bondage while I have My fun with you.

If you have yet to serve Me, send Me an email with your humble request and I will respond typically within 24 hours. Unless your email just consists of one sentence, in which case it might take a little longer to get back to you. IOW, don't bore Me.
My email:

If you've had the pleasure of serving Me already, you may send your request via email. Or ring My phone during the hours of 10am and 2pm, Mountain. Please remember: I do not return phone calls. You gotta just keep trying until you get Me on the line.

I also want to share a special shout out to the thoughtful individuals who have already taken the opportunity to choose something special from My Amazon Wishlist. I love receiving presents in the mail, any day of the year. Go on and take a peek. Pick something that speaks to you or you secretly wish for Me to use on you. Items are shipped directly to Me so be sure to enclose a note with your purchase.

Stuck at home and want to talk to Me about naughty things?
I'm available for phone sessions on Niteflirt.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Couples Sessions by a BDSM Expert

I get a lot of interesting session requests from couples. In fact, some of My most memorable sessions have been with couples.

I say interesting because I truly enjoy sharing, teaching and guiding other couples to not only feel more confident in their relationship but add a level of intimacy and trust that BDSM and power dynamics bring to the table. This is something I know first-hand.

Consensual power dynamics are unique to each union and vary from relationship to relationship - Tops and submissives of all genders, sometimes both happen to be submissive, and more nowadays some are gender-nonconforming outlaws paving their own way.

Couples sessions can manifest in many forms. Perhaps some quality time on My therapy couch simply discussing your particular power dynamic, offering suggestions on how to enhance it, explain how to tweak the dials (so to speak) to make it even hotter and really dive deep into the finer nuances of Dominance and submission.

Maybe you want to learn some badass hands-on skills - bondage and restraint from basic blindfolds, to more restrictive hoods, rope, leather, metal, full-body encasement, sleepsacs; impact play - spanking, flogging, whipping, canes, paddles, etc; genital torment - cock & ball, cunts or whatever one wishes to call their parts; nipple play; electricity; sounds; needles, piercing, branding, collaring ceremonies; chastity control and so much more.

I have a warm, clean, discreet and sexy dungeon space located in downtown Salt Lake City. Filled with fun equipment, unique furniture and all of My accoutrements within arms reach.

So, to the sincere, curious and eager-to-learn couples out there that have thought about contacting a professional, look no further.
Send Me and email and explain what you are looking for. Tribute for My time and expertise will vary from session to session depending on the type of session. My email:

Also, while I think "surprising" your person with a session is super hot, it goes against My professional moral compass. Every player must consent ahead of time, whether they are participating or just sipping on a Perrier from a comfy couch. So please keep this in mind.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Sadists Like Me Love Black (& Blue) Friday

I hope most of you out there had a nice day off, whether you spent it with family gorging on turkey, hanging out at your local lounge with good friends or perhaps on your knees in a glory hole.

2019 is a-knockin'. Are you ready? What are your plans for next year?
Or more importantly, what are you going to do for Me? *eyelash bat*

Today is Black Friday. Which I prefer to call Black & Blue Friday. Because I'd much rather beat someones sweet ass than wrestle crowds of insane holiday shoppers. So, this afternoon I have a session with a seasoned masochist who is requesting an intense session that will leave him black and blue. And I have just the plan of action and implements in mind. *weg*

Geographically challenged and wish to speak with Me by phone?
I offer phone sessions on Niteflirt where we can talk about whatever we want, completely uncensored. Click the button on the right panel. Or dial 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 02403288. If I appear to be unavailable, you may send an email to schedule a phone call. Charges appear on your on your statement discreetly as 'NF Services'.

Wish to indulge Me? Not just because the holidays are near and not just because I am super fucking awesome ((I mean, I do accept gifts any day of the year, ya know)) -- I've gone and spruced up My Amazon Wishlist just for you. So go on, choose something special that I am pining for. You'll find I've added a bevy of exciting and tantalizing treats to the list. Perhaps something evil you wish for Me to use on you in a future session? Some sexy lingerie for Me to wear? Or something else to bring a smile to My face. Amazon ships your gifts directly to Me. And your statement will simply reflect ''.

In the meantime, I am available for real-time sessions in Salt Lake City, Send Me a polite email to request an Application For Service:

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nina & Me & Recommended Reading

Porn star, educator, activist, icon and one of My personal heros (and friends), the one and only Nina Hartley recently lectured to college students on the benefits of taking ownership of their sexuality.

I had the honor of meeting Nina decades ago and our friendship has grown over the years as our paths continue to magically crisscross.

Not to mention, she is one smart cookie. Check out the article HERE.

Throwback Thursday pic of Me and Nina at a BDSM conference, 2015. Also, I love this photo of us because our hairs are still a mess. *grin*

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Portland Sessions Thru Wednesday

Once again, I am excited to be playing with some of My most treasured submissives in these next several days. Two of which have been serving Me consistently for the last 15 years. And another whom I have not seen in 15 years. What a ride. It's gonna be fun!

I do happen to have a slot open on Monday evening and another on Tuesday morning/afternoon. If you'd like to try and squeeze yourself onto My bustling calendar, you may send your request via email -

My next visit will be early February. And I still have yet to hammer out the rest of My 2019 Portland schedule. Stay tuned here on My blog for travel schedule updates, naughtiness, kinky stuff and more.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Portland Bound

Portland, I am coming for you. Are you ready for Me?

I mentioned it here earlier but just in case you've not been following along, allow Me to reiterate and clarify --- while I will be in Portland for two weeks, for a handful of reasons I will only available for real-time, in-person Domination sessions on the following dates:
Sunday, November 11th - ALREADY BOOKED
Monday, November, 12th - LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Tuesday, November 13th - LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Wednesday, November 14th - ALREADY BOOKED

The space I use is private, discreet and super clean. And if you know Me, I like things clean. All the more fun to make a mess. *grin*

I've packed a small play bag with all of the the essentials. And a few extra items for some very special slaves. *wink* I've you'd like to request some of My time, you may send Me an email.

So go on, impress Me.