Friday, January 18, 2019

Speak to Me LIVE & Ask Me Anything on Niteflirt

Snowy days at home in front of the fire with a lovely cup of steaming tea to sip on and a good book. Wrapped in My full length down robe chosen from My Amazon wishlist courtesy of a generous grrl-pet.

Also a perfect time to catch Me relaxing and ready to speak to dirty sluts, sissys, wanton cucks and cock suckers, curious submissives and even some seasoned veterans on Niteflirt.

Give Me a call. We can talk about anything our kinky hearts desire.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Travel Schedule for 2019 & Traveling

Usually I would have it all mapped out by now. But for whatever reason, the years forecasted travel is still somewhat up in the air.
See what I did there? *wink*

If you know Me, then you know I am a lover of travel. Spent 10 years in the Travel & Hospitality business, pre 9/11. Back when non-revenue passengers were treated like royalty and offered all of the upgrades and freebies under the sun. Now I just pay like every other human and hope to be treated with a modicum of respect.

Regardless, I still love to travel. Ever since I was a little girl.

So, My tentative travel schedule looks something like this:

Portland -- *February 7th through February 12th
SF/San Jose -- April 11th thru April 15th
West Palm/Miami -- May 16th thru May 23rd
Portland/Seattle -- Dates TBD late June or early July
Denver -- July 25th through July 30th
SABBATICAL/NO SESSIONS - August 22nd through Sept 6th
Portland -- October dates TBD
Portland -- December dates TBD

*these dates might flux 1-2 days either way. Stay tuned for updates.

As you can see, I have many, many holes to fill.... *grin*

If you'd like to inquire about Me traveling to you or with you, any attractive proposal may be presented for consideration. I do make for good company and enjoy flying under the radar and playing covertly. No one but us needs to know you are wearing My chastity device, sporting lingerie or tied in bondage underneath your clothes. You would be responsible for My airfare, accommodations (situational depending on where we are going but typically My own room) as well as a tribute for My time and attention. All of the other details will be clearly determined before we begin our playful journey.

If someone special out there would like to discuss the opportunity to accompany Me to Domcon LA, May 9th through the 13th, speak soon. Domcon is the Worlds Premier Professional & Lifestyle Domination Convention - a (bi) annual meeting of the minds where the world's finest Dominatrices convene and commune. And slaves from all over the world flock in hopes of not only meeting but possibly serving some of the very best. In this case, you'd be responsible for My first class seat to LA, a hotel room of My own and a tribute for My expert attention. You'd also be privy (and expected) to take Me shopping in the on-site kinky vendor mall, wear My collar and basically be at My beck and call for the weekend. Interested? Send Me an email.

And finally, when I am not on the road, I am available for sessions to select individuals and couples in Salt Lake City. I am an independent Woman with a sexy play space of My own, a heck of a lot of toys and tons of experience. Care to join Me for a little while?

Monday, January 7, 2019

Portland, Heads Up! Sessions Available 2/5-2/9

Heya Portland. Miss Me much?

I'll be back next month for some friends, folks, food, fun and frolics.
And yes, I will be offering sessions to qualified candidates who have served Me previously or happen to pique My attention. Is that you?

Tuesday, February 5th - ALREADY BOOKED
Wednesday, February 6th - SESSIONS AVAILABLE
Thursday, February 7th - SESSIONS AVAILABLE
Friday, February, 8th - ALREADY BOOKED

If you'd like to be considered, you may send your humble request via email and I will reply with My Application For Service.

Spanking sessions are not only My favorite, but also My specialty.
They are one hour in length and My non-negotiable tribute is 300.

I absolutely adore foot worship scenes. Also one hour. My tribute 250.

And if you'd like to dive further into other Dominant/submissive aspects and BDSM activities, that can also be negotiated. I am quite skilled and proficient in the activities that I enjoy - bondage, cbt, discipline, corporal punishment, flogging, whipping, nipple torture, sensation play, electricity, sounds and more. For all other sessions, I prefer at least an hour and a half and tribute begins at 450.

I have a private space near downtown that is super clean and discreetly located. I do not offer outcall appointments.

Also, please note I am very much a quality-over-quantity player so if we have yet to meet, you better put on your best face.
You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy Calendar New Year, Sluts!

Wishing you a Happy New Year if you celebrate on the calendar year.

In 2019, I wish you happiness and good health. 

May your lips meet My feet more often.

Thank you for visiting My blog. If you like it, let Me know.

And if you've got a topic request, you may send it.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Solstice Beatings

I don't know about you all but I have had a pleasantly productive week spanking naughty butts, dolling up sissy sluts and tormenting a new-to-Me wanton slave. I've also managed some crucial down time featuring a long massage and hot soak.

New and exciting things are brewing on this Winter Solstice.
It's almost 2019. No teasers. Stick around and you might find out.

Years almost over but I've still got some pent up energy... *grin*
Dare to submit to a hungry Woman who knows what she wants?

To the newbies - I have over 15 years professional hands-on real-time experience with a private dungeon space of My own. And after all these years, I have become quite choosy about My subjects. So, if you are lucky enough to gain My attention, be aware that My sessions are at least 90 minutes long and My non-negotiable tribute begins at 450.

Still interested? -

Unable to serve Me in the flesh? To shy to present yourself real-time?
I offer phone sessions on Niteflirt where we aren't limited or censored and can talk about all of the dirty things our minds can possibly imagine. From the comfort of your very own floor.
Click the link on the right-hand panel.

And you know it's never too late to choose a special something from
My Amazon wishlist. Go on, indulge Me. You know you want to.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Naughty or Nice in SLC

I am home in Salt Lake for the rest of the year so if you are behind on your training, you have a couple more weeks to get caught up. *wink*

And yes, it's cold outside but My dungeon is nice and toasty warm.
After all, I do want you to be comfortable while I am tormenting you.

Not to mention its perfect weather for more leather, encasement and heavy bondage. And a good spanking over My knee and warm lap.

Now's the time, My pets - have you been naughty or nice this year?
But really, who the fuck cares? The fact of the matter is, we do not need a reason or a season to get our needs, wants and desires met.

Long no more.

Submit to My whim? Send Me an email. And make it snazzy.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

SLC Sessions & Thank Yous & Niteflirt

Yes, I am in Salt Lake City and available for sessions from the privacy and comfort of My dungeon play space discreetly located downtown.
I do not do outcall appointments - you must come to Me.

New-to-Me? - If you are willing to jump a few hoops through My screening process, you may very well find yourself end up over My lap, strapped to a spanking bench, tied to a unique piece of furniture or wrapped tightly in bondage while I have My fun with you.

If you have yet to serve Me, send Me an email with your humble request and I will respond typically within 24 hours. Unless your email just consists of one sentence, in which case it might take a little longer to get back to you. IOW, don't bore Me.
My email:

If you've had the pleasure of serving Me already, you may send your request via email. Or ring My phone during the hours of 10am and 2pm, Mountain. Please remember: I do not return phone calls. You gotta just keep trying until you get Me on the line.

I also want to share a special shout out to the thoughtful individuals who have already taken the opportunity to choose something special from My Amazon Wishlist. I love receiving presents in the mail, any day of the year. Go on and take a peek. Pick something that speaks to you or you secretly wish for Me to use on you. Items are shipped directly to Me so be sure to enclose a note with your purchase.

Stuck at home and want to talk to Me about naughty things?
I'm available for phone sessions on Niteflirt.