Friday, July 7, 2017

Escape the Default World (And Beat The HEAT)

Temps here are in the triple digits but My subterranean dungeon is nice and cool and I happen to have some time available for sessions.

Are you ready? Qualified candidates may politely approach.

What is a qualified candidate, you ask?

qualified candidate has taken the time to read through all of the information provided on My website prior to contacting Me.
One must share similar kinky interests and knows not to ask for something that I do not enjoy. And finally, one must be respectful and able to follow My straight-forward contact protocol.

These simple things are key to gaining My attention.

Keeping My attention is another story... *wink*

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Behind the Zion Curtain

I've safely returned from another fanfuckingtastic trip to My beloved Portland where I did all the bad things. At least once. *wink*

Portland was good to Me. I am so blessed with the most dedicated, thoughtful, kind and generous of slaves. Each honoring and humbling Me with their devotion and sublime service. I am forever grateful.
I'll make My next trip in a couple/few months. Stay tuned for dates!

I am currently available for real-time sessions in Salt Lake City.
Please review My website prior to contacting Me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

PSA on Calling Me & Contact Protocol

Want to contact Me?  Maybe your'e a little hesitant?

Here are a few tips on how to do so in an appropriate manner:

First, take the time to read through My website. All of it.
Most of your questions can be answered in the material provided.

Per My contact protocol, a brief introductory email is preferred. Include your 'name', whether you are new or known to Me, what type of session you are looking for and a couple of date/time options.

If email is simply not an option, you may attempt to reach Me by phone during My phone hours. If you happen to get My voicemail, I prefer you ring Me back in 30-minute intervals or at another time.
I do not like to call My clients. Ever. I prefer that you call Me. 

I'm going to extend My phone hours for a bit. If I decide to change them again, I'll mention it here. Best way to stay up to date is by checking the info on the contact page of My website. I update it Myself at My discretion and I enjoy playing with those that pay attention.

New phone hours: 10AM to 5PM, Mountain - Daily
Phone number: (503) 891-8487

Please note: phone time is reserved for phone consultations, session scheduling and reconfirmation of sessions only. If you just want to chat you may call Me via Niteflirt.

Also note: if you continue to call My personal phone after hours or in the middle of the night or text Me, I will save your number to My Do Not Answer List.

More on texting - Don't do it. I do not use text messaging or respond to text messages as I find it to be a terribly informal form of communication. If you wish to gain My attention you will follow My straight-forward contact protocol.

And don't bother calling from a blocked number - I won't answer.
Dial *82 and then your phone number show it doesn't show up as 'private'. I'll respect your anonymity and discretion but for My safety and sanity, I want your number. Again, I won't call you. Ever.

When you call Me, be sure you have a few minutes to speak freely. Don't be nervous. I'll ask you exactly what I want and need to know.
I am easy to talk to and I've been told I give very good phone.

And speaking of good phone - for the geographically challenged and uber shy, I offer phone sessions on Niteflirt. Where you may call Me from the comfort of your own floor and we can play games of power and control. Or we can just discuss the many facets of BDSM, your random and obscure habits or stimulating fetishes, or what you did yesterday. I've been around the block a few times so not much surprises Me anymore. I always like a good (kinky) conversation.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Update: Portland Sessions 6/21 to 6/26

Because I miss you and I have the flexibility that allows Me to do (almost) whatever I wish, I've decided to fly in a day early.

I'm arriving on Wednesday afternoon giving Me one more day to stay, play, do bad things and make memories (read: Future Wank Material).

Care to join Me for a little while?

Wednesday, June 21st through Monday, June 26th

I'm available for real time, one-on-one sessions - from foot worship scenes to over-My knee spankings and more. Because I like nice things and enjoy being pampered, I've rented a private penthouse suite near downtown with discreet, secure parking. And I'll be packing along a play bag full of My favorite implements and Tools to Control you.

I also relish in kinky lifestyle coaching for couples. Whether you are seeking hands-on, skill-based training or just a discussion on the finer nuances of the BDSM lifestyle, I welcome your call. I've got decades of experience and I'd love to share what I know.

And yes, I will consider sincere requests for public outings such as dinner and/or shopping sprees to kind and generous individuals.
You know who you are.

Please review My website prior to contacting Me to learn more about Me, My style of Domination, kinky interests and no-no's, session types, tribute amounts and My contact protocol. Unless I already know you in which case you may reach out at a reasonable hour.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Serve Me in SLC

The weekend is finally here and I am in a salacious mood with time on My hands. Wish to spend some quality time with Yours Truly?

I've been sprucing My dungeon space in anticipation of some new professional photos. Here is a snapshot of a corner to tide you over.

Looks inviting, doesn't it?

If you'd like to submit to an experienced lifestyle Mistress, you may approach. I like many kinky things but most importantly, I prefer to play with those that pay attention.

If you are new-to-Me, take the time to review My website prior to contacting Me. There you will find answers to most of your questions as well as My contact protocol.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Summertime in the City of Salt

It's summer time in Salt Lake City and with temperatures on the rise, I've put away the last of the winter heaters and replaced them with fans and an air conditioner. Because I want you to be comfortable while I'm tormenting you. *weg*

I am currently offering real time sessions in My private underground, dungeon hideaway located downtown. If you are interested in spending some quality time with Yours Truly, you may contact Me appropriately. My contact protocol can always be found on the contact page of My website. And please do take the time to read through the material provided before reaching out.

I am also available for couples training and kinky lifestyle coaching.
Whether you'd like to hone some hands-on skills or just chat with someone experienced in the BDSM lifestyle, I'm open to discussing possibilities. Send Me an email!

And on occasion, I have the privilege of mentoring a small group.
Like next weekend. Should be fun!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Portland Sessions Available 6/22 to 6/26

My next visit to Portland is confirmed and I couldn't be more excited.
Currently accepting appointment requests for the following days:

Thursday, June 22nd through Monday, June 26th

This time I'll be offering sessions from a very private, posh penthouse downtown with floor to ceiling windows and an expansive river and city view. Come to Me - let's make some lasting memories together.

If you would like to submit an application, I ask that you take the time to review My website prior to contacting Me. There you will learn more about Me, My passions and dislikes, the types of sessions I offer, as well as tribute amounts and more.

If you've had the pleasure of serving Me in the past you may simply contact Me during My phone hours or send your request via email.

It's not a long trip and My time will fill quickly so if you wish to submit yourself to Me, ya bettah bust a move.