Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sweet Distractions

In just a few days I'll be headed to San Francisco for another weekend of pure hedonistic indulgence. My life does not suck.

I'll be visiting the usual hot spots and favorite shops Mr. S Leather, Dark Garden and Good Vibrations. Hanging out with Chosen Family and friends. Dining at some of the Bay Area's delicious restaurants. Dropping in on a dungeon play space. Attending the Folsom Street Fair. And orchestrating a session with one very special spanko.

If you'd like to offer yourself as a sweet distraction before I take off, I might be able to squeeze you in. My contact information and protocol can always be found on the contact page of My website.

Also, I've been in a really good mood as of late.
And you should take advantage. *wink*

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Nina Hartley Strikes Again

Just came across these photos on My phone and thought I'd share.
Taken in July at Thunder in the Mountains where Nina was teaching some educational classes and I threw My two best girlfriends under the Hartley Bus in front of 300 convention attendees.
That's what good friends (with connections) are for!


And - we were in matching outfits. I love this woman. She is so funny, wicked smart, a great educator, extremely down-to-earth and genuine, kind, sexy and just fun to hang out with.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

New Orleans Sessions Available 10/5 thru 10/8

New Orleans - I am coming for you.

Sessions Available: Thursday, October 5th thru Sunday, October 8th

I'm attending Domcon, the World's Premier Professional & Lifestyle Domination Convention. In just a few weeks, Top Dommes from all over the World will converge on The Big Easy for a weekend of pure sin and debauchery. As slave-types lurk hard in hopes of meeting, and possibly serving, a lovely Lady (or three) over the weekend.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

I have a deluxe suite reserved in the heart of the French Quarter and I plan on utilizing every square inch of it. I also plan on packing along an assortment of My very favorite paddles, hairbrushes and canes.

My specialty - Domestic Discipline, OTK, spanking and caning scenes.
As well as Foot Worship scenarios to the polite connoisseur from the privacy of My deluxe suite. Or perhaps you yearn to be a hooded, exhibitionistic spectacle at one of the lively dungeon parties....

Serious inquiries only.

Also please note: the hustle and bustle of the city will be calling My name so if you'd like to reserve a spot over My knee, you will need to contact Me in advance. As in, soon.

Last-minute or same-day appointment requests will be limited.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Salt Lake City Sessions Available

I've returned from My annual sabbatical and am safely ensconced in the smoky City of Salt. Thankfully My dungeon hideaway is free of air pollutants and the dry summer heat.

I am ever so grateful to be home and I am ready to play! *weg*

Wish to submit yourself? - you may politely approach.

Sessions are available and will be granted to those qualified supplicants who take the time to read through My Domination website and contact Me in an appropriate manner. All of the information you need is provided for you there.

Stay tuned for a post on My travel plans for the remainder of 2017.
Including a couple of surprises!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On Sabbatical thru 9/6

Thank you for all of the birthday love, wishes, greetings and gifts.

Tomorrow morning I head out on My annual sabbatical.
I will be unavailable by phone or email until I get home on 9/6.
All inquiries will be addressed upon My safe return.

Until then, try to behave yourself *wink*

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Summer & It's MY Birthday!!

Yes, I'm alive. And yes, today is My birthday. So, impress Me.

Missed Me much? I've been very busy galavanting, relaxing, playing, training slaves and enjoying a beautiful summer here in Utah.

One more week and then I'm off on My annual sabbatical.
So if you've been sitting on the fence or wanting to submit yourself for a session, you better bust a move.

I'll be unavailable Thursday, August 24th thru Tuesday, Sept. 5th.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Escape the Default World (And Beat The HEAT)

Temps here are in the triple digits but My subterranean dungeon is nice and cool and I happen to have some time available for sessions.

Are you ready? Qualified candidates may politely approach.

What is a qualified candidate, you ask?

qualified candidate has taken the time to read through all of the information provided on My website prior to contacting Me.
One must share similar kinky interests and knows not to ask for something that I do not enjoy. And finally, one must be respectful and able to follow My straight-forward contact protocol.

These simple things are key to gaining My attention.

Keeping My attention is another story... *wink*