Saturday, November 28, 2020

I Miss Torturing You So Much

2020 is the year to Be Thankful for the Things We Have vs. The Things We Wish We Had.

When it began, I had big plans. Plans to purchase another property and transform it into the next big play space of My dreams. Then COVID hit. So instead, I rented a storage unit and filled it with all of My custom dungeon furniture, hydraulic medical table, shelving units, lamps, lights, odds, ends and most of My wicked implements and tools in which to control you. I did hold out a large footlocker of items I thought I  might be able to use. Alas, everything is still in storage and none of the extra toys have seen any use. 

This is the longest nonconsensual hiatus I have ever been forced to take. But being one with an auto-immune disorder and the fact that a good majority of My clientele are also compromised by one thing or another, I see no other choice but stopping in-person sessions.

I used to hang out on Niteflirt a lot and offer phone sessions which I do enjoy so maybe I'll do that again. I'm also still tossing around the idea of creating an Only Fans page to tempt you with sexy content. I'm fortunate in that I have alternate avenues for cash flow. But oh how I miss in-person sessions and the power that comes along with collecting a tribute for My time, attention and expertise. All the cool kids are doing it so I went ahead and created a TikTok account (@msjuliespanks) and am contemplating making some informational videos and such, just for shits and giggles. I am thinking of different ways you can stay connected to Me during these difficult times. Thoughts? Email Me -

My email was down for a little while but its back up now. I apologize for any delays in responding to your messages. I'll be tackling My inbox in the next day or three. I appreciate your patience.  

Miss Me much? - let Me know!