Thursday, November 10, 2022

Show Me Thanks * Deviant Art * Latex

It's November - a time to be thankful for everything you have.
A month to focus on gratitude and honor all that you are grateful for.
A time to appreciate the things, tangible and non, that you embrace.
A space to honesty celebrate all of the exploration that you've been granted that, for one reason or another, so many others don't even consider. BDSM is deeply healing. And everyone deserves healing.

I've finally procured some custom art pieces for the front room.
I carefully selected each piece and they'll be lovingly placed on Monday, when My service boy is around. I am really pleased.
see them for yourself.

And finally, My new custom latex dress from Libidex arrived. It's a translucent smoke (think grey or black) with a built-in purple corset and purple trim. Translucent as in see-through. I can't wait to torture willing supplicants while teasing from inside My new dress. *weg*

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