Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Sunday Seduction * Service Subs * Thank You

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of playing with a female-bodied person. I relish in training women. Some do apply. Less follow through. But not this one. She was adamant, excited and lovely in her submission. I cherish scenes with women. Especially, the women who stand up and use their voice to ask for what they need in order to get their needs met. Because, we all have needs.

I've had a service boy since the end of April. He is doing great, helping Me with small projects around the dungeon. He admittingly does not enjoy cleaning and I've been on the hunt for a Cleaning Slut for quite some time. Friday I'll interview a new applicant to see how he performs. I'm a clean freak with OCD. Hope he can live up to My high expectations. Wish him luck.

And last but certainly not least - thank you to the generous and thoughtful human who sent Me the new purple vacuum cleaner that was on My Amazon wishlist. No note so not sure who it's from. But thank you. Just in time for the new wanton Cleaning Slut. *smile*