Monday, December 12, 2022

Heretic Forks & Torture Jewelry

It's been a crazy busy week - shopping and prepping for the holidays, baking goodies, training sluts and many hot baths to keep warm.
And of course I did a little shopping for Myself. I'm always looking for new toys and things to tickle My fancy.

New in the dungeon - Heretic Forks, in two different sizes, are the ultimate posture collar for any pain slut. They simply slide onto a collar of My choosing, keeping the chin from dropping. Sharp!

I also picked up this wicked Wartenberg Wheel necklace so I can wear it against My bosom to have it handy while I am torturing you. 

If you're curious, I picked them up from Sharp Pointed Things shop on Etsy.

In case you're following along - the new Cleaning Slut actually did a decent job cleaning the space itself along with all of the vanilla furniture. I plan to have him back again to see how he handles the rest of the dungeon.

If you'd like to schedule a session, I am in town and available throughout the remainder of the year. Send Me an email with your request or try to reach Me during My phone hours.

Surrender to Me. I'll take very, very good care of you. *weg*