Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Stuffed & Trussed * My Winter Phone Hours

It's November - the time of the year when I am flooded with emotions of gratitude and thankfulness. And also busy stuffin' turkeys. *wink*

My special turkeys love to be packed with all sorts of things - apples, sometimes citrus, vegetables, and extra savory dressing. Trussed, gagged, seasoned, tenderized, and roasted to perfection. Loaded with juices cause if you know Me, then you know I like 'em juicy.

I mentioned previously that I will be sticking close to home this winter and not doing much traveling, so I'm expanding My phone hours to accommodate more turkeys, tarts, and twisted submissives.
I take great pleasure training new-to-Me wanton subs almost as much as I adore more refined sessions with My loyal and devoted sluts. 

For the winter, My phone hours will be 10AM to 5PM Mountain, daily. Phone hours are reserved for phone consultations and scheduling of sessions. While email is still My preferred method of contact, I understand that, for whatever reason, not everyone is able to send Me an email. Please be respectful of My phone hours.

On texting: I find texting terribly informal and I do not text with My supplicants. IOW, do not text Me unless you wish to land on My Shit List, especially at 10:37PM requesting a session at midnight.
I am not a Call Girl. I am not an After Thought. I am one to plan for. One to prepare for. One to worship, grovel to, beg for, gaze upon, surrender to, bend over for, and submit to....if you are lucky. 

Come spend some quality time with Yours Truly. Let Me take you on a ride. One you won't soon forget and can't get enough of. 

Email: anytime
I typically respond to emails within 24 hours.

2023 Winter Phone Hours: 10AM to 5PM Mountain, daily
My number: (503) 891-8487
If you happen to get My voicemail, simply hang up and try again shortly thereafter. For privacy purposes, I do not call My clients, ever.