Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Evil Bunny Returns To Spank Naughty Butts

I had a lovely disciplinary maintenance session this afternoon. Many of My devotees are spankos or spankophiles. These humans are those who have a regular need for discipline in the form of a spanking.

Most spankos I know are extremely particular about the scenario, down to the area in which they are struck, the position, and the implement, if any. And I find that the majority of them do not care for a "dungeon" setting. Rather something more domestic, such as a bedroom, living room, den, or even a kitchen.

In My experience, most spankos are not submissive. As long as they are polite and respectful, and most of them are, we will get along just fine. Also, a large portion cannot leave My play space with any lasting marks. Over the last 20+ years, I have developed techniques and acquired toys that leave an impact, and not any marks.

There are also those cherished times when I get to really lean into it with someone who is due a strict punishment-style session. The kind where I am able to leave behind physical remnants of an intense situation. Those really tickle My nethers. 

I have an affinity for bare-handed, over-the-knee (OTK) spankings and canes. And a special fondness for redirecting those who have had a previously negative experience with the cane. I like to use slow, rhythmic, tapping to get you into a deep subspace that will take you further than you thought you ever could. 

Sure, I could give you Six of the Best. Sometimes, warranted. But I'd much rather hold you in that yummy head space for a while. Unless you're being forced to hold a fig....

The spanking enthusiast who returned to Me again today has a unique sense of humor. Not to mention, we have developed an uncommon relationship of sorts over time. So he didn't blink an eye when I answered the door in an evil bunny mask. Instead, he entered with a giant grin, proceeded to drop his pants and take his position laying over My lap to receive his regular spanking for the month. It usually keeps him in line until next time. But he knows should the desire arise, he is always welcome to call Me. 

As the name implies, corporeal punishment, domestic discipline, and spanking are some of My specialties. Do you enjoy spanking?
Present yourself for a spanking session and find out what keeps both the good and the naughty boys and girls coming back for more. 

I'll be in Los Angeles at the end of May, offering spanking sessions (and more) from My hotel suite while I am attending and teaching at Domcon. First come, first serve. Deposit required.