Friday, April 5, 2024

A Note on Deposits & Gifts

Recently, I have had a few thoughtful submissives inquire about making a deposit upon booking a session and I wanted to share My thoughts on the subject. Please note all Mistress' conduct their business differently and policies do change from time to time.    
It's most polite and often required depending on the service provider. 

Sending a deposit for a session shows the Mistress that one is sincere in their intention and has ultimate respect for the Mistress' time. It also offers a heightened sense of security both for the submissive and the Mistress with an understanding of that time being locked in. And should for whatever reason the session not take place, the Mistress has been nominally compensated for the time spent thus far.

Sometimes the deposit is deducted from the session tribute and sometimes it is in addition to the tribute. This should be made clear upon confirmation of the session and if it's not, you should clarify. 

Over My career, I have gone back and forth with eras of accepting deposits, to requiring them, to not requesting one at all.
Currently, I am not requiring deposits. 

In terms of one showing Me their sincerity, I love to receive gifts. Both monetary and otherwise. And I am always tickled to receive extra tokens along with My session tribute.

My favorite color is purple and My favorite flower is a stargazer lily. And while My actual birthday falls on the 16th of August (yes, I am a fiery and ferocious Leo), I adore receiving gifts every day of the year.

I keep My Amazon wishlist updated on things I am pining for. And I appreciate gift cards from some of My favorite online purveyors - Poshmark, Mr. S Leather, and Amazon to name a few. All of which offer e-gift cards that may be easily sent to My email address.

If it's a financial favor, you may send Me a cashapp: $juliespanks
And if you're Old School or wish to woo Me the old fashioned way, My mailing address is:
406 East 300 South
Suite 1000 / Box 141
Salt Lake City, UT 84111