Saturday, April 13, 2024

Vacation 4/13 thru 4/21 & April/May Sessions

In a few hours I'll be in a seat, on a plane, paradise-bound, for a good long week. Time for sun, sand, getting tan, and stretching. 

4/13 thru 4/21 ~ Vacation/No Sessions

4/24 thru 4/25 ~ New York City/Fully Booked

5/28 thru 6/3 ~ DomconLA/Available For Select Sessions

I will be returning on the evening of Sunday, April 21st.
I'm available for sessions on Monday, April 22nd and Tuesday, April 23rd. And then I'm off to New York to visit a very special slave.
It should prove to be an enjoyable time.

I'll be back in Salt Lake City on the evening of April 29th. And available for sessions once again until My next trip at the end of May. So check your calendars and schedule your training accordingly.

If you'd like to schedule a session, you may email your request.
Please allow 24-48 hours response time. I will not be answering My phone during My phone hours. Email's your best bet.

Until next time, sit on your hands.