Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Follow Me * Play With Me & Thank You's

I've been somewhat busy behind The Zion Curtain since I landed but I wanted to drop an update. I want to take a moment to thank those of you who've been enjoying My blog. Some of you have been around for quite some time. The appreciation emails I've received recently mean so much to Me. And some of you are newer to My site. Seems the stories I share here are getting the attention they deserve. 

If you want a little something more spicy with candid pics from My day-to-night, you should follow Me on My social medias...
You will not be sorry.

I would like to take another moment to thank a few considerate and thoughtful submissives for their hand-chosen goodies from My Amazon wishlist - My sweet boy daniel, sissy suzie, and a future slut PP.
Super easy for you to pick out things I'm currently desiring. Your credit card statement will simply read as and your gifts are sent discreetly to My mailbox. Can't decide? An e-gift card is always nice to receive. My email address:

Wish to serve Me? Sessions are available exclusively at The Mini Manor, My dungeon hideaway. Extended sessions are encouraged. Escape reality in a safe place where to can lose yourself and find yourself, all at the same time. I'll be your accomplished guide.

Tomorrow holds a luxury spa pedicure in anticipation of an overnight session on Saturday. There's going to be some serious foot worship going on. And a ton of other debauched activities. 

I am home for the month. You may approach on your knees...