Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Expanding My Stable * Are You Worthy?

It's Wednesday and I've just returned from the nail salon. Both My claws and juicy toes are a delicious purple - My favorite color.
My tooties are perfectly pedicured and soft to the taste.
Would you like to experience the flavor of this shade of purple? 

My lap is also calling for a naughty boy or girl to spend some quality time. You are overdue for a good, long, strict, and sensual spanking.
I know what you need.  

I've got the ties that bind you, the tools to control you, the looks that blind you, and the mind to entice you into the most sadistic of predicaments. Are you a respectful, polite and generous tramp? 

I'm expanding My stable of loyal, kind, and dedicated slaves and submissives. Present yourself for My elite brand of training to find out if you ultimately qualify. I will take very, very good care of you. 

Are you worthy of My time and attention?