Saturday, December 2, 2017

Chastity Love

This week, one of My favorite chastity slaves found his way back to Me for another series of highly-charged sessions.

He presented himself to Me on Wednesday evening for a few hours. We chatted at length in front of the fire about our mutual desires and negotiated a 24-hour stint. Then I had him slowly remove his clothes before securing the device. And we began our session.

For hours I played with him as we languished in the heady space of our power exchange. Training him to take more. All the while, whispering Sweet Nothings in his ear, planting seeds for the future.

When I was done with him, I put him back in his clothes and sent him gingerly on his way with instructions to watch some porn before bed.

After 25 hours of solid frustration, he returned for another hour of pure joy and torment. He was released and instructed to release. Needless to say, we ended on a high note.

Do you have an interest in chastity or games of power and control that involve a locked cage and a key? - Call Me.