Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Haus of Spanks ~

I trust you all made it through to see the dawn of this new year.
I do wish you good health, happiness, and some loving discipline.

Do you enjoy reading My blog? - send Me an email and let Me know.

Also, what topics would you like for Me to write about in 2018?
My experience lends itself to and endless array of kinky information.

While My time is somewhat limited to write, know that the stories I share are unabashedly Mine and completely honest. And I hope to offer you some juicy educational tidbits, as well.
Perhaps I need to hire a sexy scribe?

I am currently available for sessions in My hometown of Salt Lake City. Wish to submit yourself for a getaway in My private dungeon? Please read through My Domination website prior to contacting Me. All of the information you could possibly wish to know is there.