Monday, February 26, 2018

Serve Me in SLC

I must admit, I've had a very slow re-entry to Salt Lake. Kinda hard to go from 80 and tropical to 18 and snowy, so I've been taking My sweet time in front of the warm fireplace snuggled up with My fur babies.

Not to worry, My private dungeon playspace is nice and toasty, too.
And I know how we can heat it up even more... *weg*

But do understand that I'm not just sitting around here in My dungeon waiting for you to call Me. My life is pretty fucking full right now so you're going to have to plan in advance. In other words, I am rarely to never available for same-day sessions so take this into consideration prior to contacting Me. Not to mention, I take great pleasure in planning our time together and giving you all of My wicked attention.

That said, I am currently available for sessions to select individuals (and couples) in Salt Lake City. If you are new-to-Me I request that you familiarize yourself with My website prior to contacting Me.
And if you've had the distinct pleasure of serving Me in the past, you may send your request via email or call Me during My phone hours.

Near Future Travel Schedule -
No Sessions -- Sunday, March 18th through Friday, March 23rd
Portland -- Thursday, April 5th through Tuesday, April 10th
San Jose, CA -- Wednesday, April 15th thru Monday, April 23rd
Fort Lauderdale/Orlando -- Thursday, April 26th thru Tuesday, May 1st

If you'd like to discuss a session in one of these cities, send Me an email. And remember, when I'm not on the road, I'm almost always available in Salt Lake with advanced notice. Though I am becoming even more selective of My professional clients, I'm attracted to good manners and respect. And the random Egift Card always helps *wink*