Saturday, March 3, 2018

Adventures in Sploshing

One of My first forays into professional (paid) work was with a gentleman I met while tending bar at one of Portland's fine titty bars. His name was Robert. He had a shoe and foot fetish that we shared in common and we would chat at length in great detail during My shifts.

At that moment in My life I was trying to wrap My brain around the idea of offering professional sessions when the dam fucking broke -
I had interesting people on all sides presenting Me with propositions that I found too provocative to resist.

Such as - a client of My ex-girlfriend who danced at said titty bar that was a high-profile ER doc who wished to be dominated by a complete stranger. Another bar patron who was a self-professed spankophile. And Robert, the foot fetishist that also enjoyed sploshing, something I had never done before.

So one day as Robert sipped on his coca-cola at My bar we negotiated a scene and made a date for dinner and foot worship. The following evening I met him at the restaurant of My choosing, conveniently located within walking distance of his apartment. We shared a lovely meal and I was able to speak with him on a more personal level about his kinks. And that's when he told Me about the sploshing.

We ordered dessert to go and strolled leisurely back to his pad.

Once there I found a comfy seat on the couch. Robert disappeared to the kitchen I presume, only to return with big grin and cup of hot tea, promptly taking a seat on the floor at My feet. He ceremoniously removed My shoes and socks and proceeded to give My peds one of the most delightful and lengthy foot rubs I have ever received.

When he was done he kissed the tops and gazed up at Me longingly.

We retreated to the bathroom where the dessert awaited on a plate. It was some sort of creamy pie, go figure. I had him slowly remove his clothing and get in the tub. And I had My dessert... *weg*

I smeared that creamy pie all over Robert, from head to toe including his eyeglasses. His reaction was something that I will never forget.