Monday, April 1, 2019

Tie Lover

Sipping on a cuppa Earl Grey this morning and reflecting on the past week - sun, snow, spanking, some much-needed down time, more sun and a new-to-Me client with an interesting fetish.

One of the reasons I love doing what it is I do - there's always something new waiting for Me around the corner. I am always in a state of learning. Mostly about human behavior but sometimes it's all about the details. Take Thursday's session for example. I've been conducting professional sessions for nearly 16 years and just the other day I was introduced to something new.

It may seem ordinary. But I never discount anyone's kinks or fetishes, no matter how unique or different. As long as it is of interest to Me, I will try anything, twice.

This particular session revolved around his fetish for crisp dress shirts and ties. You see, he enjoys being a well-dressed man and had developed a thing for the crisp, fully buttoned dress shirt and perfectly knotted tie.

He said he wanted to be My employee. But really, he wants to be My Tie Slave. We played fun games with the extra ties he brought along - tie bondage in several positions, tie cock and ball bondage, blindfolded and gagged with ties. I used the tie as a leash, leading him and jerking him around. Had him perform push-ups and hold planks as I stood on his tie. I had fun trampling the bevy of ties as he watched helplessly. I also used the lot of ties as a flogger to whip and beat him. And finally, he was rewarded with the slow methodical removal of his tie and some explicit Jerk Off Instructions.

Needless to say, he's hired. *wink* Though he has been tasked with learning some fancier type tie knots for Me.

Do you have an interesting fetish that you would like to explore real-time? Send Me an email for an application -