Sunday, May 31, 2020

Phone Sessions To Stay Connected Are Essential

I've been offering phone sessions for over 15 years. But never have they been so lovely, thoughtful and personal. Seems like you all just need someone to talk to right now. And I'd love for it to be Me.

I always enjoy talking about the dirty, kinky, naughty stuff. You can tell Me about your darkest fantasies. Nothing is taboo over the phone and nothing will phase Me - I've heard it all. So if you feel the need to confess your sins to someone other than your clergyman, I'm here to listen with open ears.

Some phone calls are educational. As in, you have questions, and I have answers. I've been in the BDSM lifestyle for a very long time and I have a plethora of information. I've taught classes and workshops from coast to coast of an array of topics. From chastity to cuckholding to 24/7 relationships to whipping, I am basically a walking BDSM encyclopedia. Ask Me anything.

Calls from My loyal slaves and submissives are always a delight. Those with whom I've known for years and have a relationship, of sorts. Since real-time sessions are out right now, I love to hear from My pets and know that they are safe and healthy.

Want to get to know Me? I encourage you to take your time and read through My blog here. It's a free glimpse into My journey as a Domme.

Want to speak with Me? Pick up the phone. I typically use Niteflirt.
Click on the 'Call Now' button on the right side panel and follow the prompts. It's totally anonymous for you to call and just $2.19 per minute. Charges appear on your statement discreetly as NF Services.

Or if you prefer, I also accept tribute for phone sessions via e-gift cards. Email Me for more information:

What are you waiting for? Don't be alone. Pick up the phone.