Thursday, May 28, 2020

Leather & Latex & Lace & All The Sexiest Garb

In the last few years, unless I have a specific clothing request for a session, I wear whatever I feel like wearing on that particular day. Sometimes I'll have a corset enthusiast, a leather aficionado, a latex lover or a boot fetishist. I love them all. I also seem to attract many pantyhose and stocking fans. Maybe cause I love them too. But if there is no explicit wish or desire expressed, I do as I please.

When I'm choosing something to wear for a session, since I adore sexy footwear so much, My outfit will typically begin with My footwear. High heels or boots - what will it be? When it comes to My clothing, I adore wearing spandex. Maybe you've noticed? It's soft, stretchy and feels so sexy, Spandex leggings accentuate My lean and muscular legs. A tight spandex pencil skirt is always a win. And on top, something low cut and lace or sheer to highlight My bountiful breasts.

Occasionally, there are sessions that call for My starched white nurses uniform or a power suit complete with tie. And every now and then I have a request for Daisy Dukes (cut off jean shorts) and a tank top.

Back in the day, I used to wear a lot of latex. And I miss it terribly.
I miss dressing up. Period.

In fact, when this is all over, if you are lucky enough to schedule a session with Yours Truly, I'm gonna be dressed to the 9's. Every single time. Seriously. I cannot wait to get back into some super sexy garb that will make your mouth drop and drool.

You aren't even ready.

You aren't even ready....