Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Do You Suffer From Rhabdophilia?

Q: What is Rhabdophilia?  Pronounced: rab-doe-feel-ya
A: Rhabdophilia refers to the sexual urges, preferences and fantasies involving being beaten. More specifically, being flogged.

If you've had the pleasure of serving Me, you'd know that I have a fondness for seductive flogging and other impact play - spanking, slapping, punching, a slow and sexy percussive caning and such.

The implement is merely the conduit, the tool, for the energy that I wish to pass from My body to your body when I am beating on you. Sometimes it's a flogger. And sometime's it's My hand.

Not to be confused with the interests of those of a spankophile. A spanko is only interested in spanking. And no other form of play.

Think you suffer from rhabdophilia? I'd love to hear from you.
Please send Me an email: msjulie@juliespanks.com
And let Me know if I can share your story or experience here.