Saturday, June 27, 2020

Phone Play & Zoom & PayPal Gifts

Hello perverts,

I trust you've all been staying out of trouble.
After all, it has been somewhat difficult to find trouble.
I know some states had loosened restrictions allowing for some glory holes to open but I'm afraid they may close again and we will have to come up with other creative ways of filling and fulfilling your desires.

We will and I can help. Schedule a phone session with Yours Truly.
Email Me for more details and to schedule:

Interested in a session via Zoom where I can see your progress?
Email Me for more information:

And finally, for those of you who have asked recently and in the past, I am now accepting tributes and gifts via PayPal. You've inquired in the past about this. You've been wanting to send a little something to help make ends meet month to month. Perhaps you have extra and wish to share. And thank you.
Send your gift to My PayPal address:

I've updated My Amazon wishlist if you like to indulge Me that way.
Your credit card statement reads and your gift is se

So go on. Reach out. Indulge Me. Surprise Me.

What are you waiting for? *wink*