Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Return To Sessions & Email Fixed!

It has been one full year since My last real-time session marking the longest forced break I've ever had to take in My almost 18-year career as a Pro Domme. At the end of March 2020, I packed up and placed My entire dungeon in a storage unit. All of My equipment, all of My furniture, all of My kinky art, basically everything. It's been surreal.

If you are someone that has had the pleasure of serving Me in Salt Lake City or you've been following along here, you'd know that My plan had been to move My playspace to an even better location. Enter covid.  

I am delighted to announce that the time has finally come.

I have procured a new location that will blow your mind.
Completely private and perfect for extended and overnight sessions.
Intimate, inviting, clean, neatly appointed, aesthetically pleasing. 

Story Time: if you know Me, then you know that I like things very, very clean. My former dungeon in Portland was 3,500 square feet, multi-roomed, with the Main Dungeon being about 1,200 square feet. I choose slaves that express a sincere interest in domestic servitude, specifically cleaning. The rule was, the floors were to be cleaned three times or until the dirty water ran clear in the wet-vac. When they were all done I would check their work to make sure it was done to My liking by having them stand on the opposite side of the room, put a hard candy in My mouth to get it nice and wet it with My spit, remove it from My mouth, and skip it across the floor to the slave who would pick it up and immediately stick it in their mouth.
Is it clean or did it pick up something along the way?  

There is some work to do on the new space before I can unload the storage unit (original hardwood floors to be refinished, painting of the interior, etc) so you will need to continue practicing your patience. But know there is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel. I'm hoping to be offering sessions by June 1st. I'll be updating My Amazon wishlist with items that I want and need for the new space. If you're inspired, click here. I also love to shop for interesting things on Etsy. And I'm in the market for a bondage bed. Curious? Ask Me more.

If you've sent Me an email in the last 6 months or so, My new server had put them away in a special place... I'll be responding to your emails in order of being received. Again, I appreciate your patience. If you have not heard from Me in the next week, kindly resend your email -

And yes, this also means I'll be returning to My regularly scheduled trips to My former hometown of Portland, Oregon. I've got naughty butts to spank and sluts to train. And we've got some time to make up for. *wink*

Stay tuned here for the latest up to date deets!