Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Missing You & Off The Grid Thru Sunday

2020 taught Me something very important. This last year has given Me a lot of time to reflect on just how much I love and cherish doing what it is I do. Being a Professional Dominant for the past 18 years has taught Me more about human behavior and Myself than any college course could have ever taught Me. I treasure being trusted by those who willingly submit themselves and let Me flex My extensive skill set. I do not take the gift of submission for granted. 

I miss getting dressed up in something super tight and sexy. I miss putting My collar around an exposed neck. I miss dragging dirty sluts around the dungeon by a cock. I miss wielding My floggers, cat-of-nine and canes. I miss the tears that flow when someone has reached a cathartic moment. And I miss a good foot rub and worship session. But moreover, I miss those deeper levels of Power Exchange. 

I'll be stepping off the grid tomorrow, returning on Sunday. Any emails received while I am away will be answered on Monday. 

Next week I will resume office hours. If you have My phone number, you may use it between the hours of 10am and 12noon, Mountain. Phone calls received outside of My phone hours will not be answered but flagged. Phone calls are reserved for session consultations, scheduling appointments and reconfirming of sessions only. If you'd like to have a lengthy, kinky, educational or candid conversation, let Me know. I do offer phone sessions.