Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A Light at the End of Your Tunnel

Slowly but surely the new dungeon space is closer to completion. Realistically, it will be another 14-21 days. If you know Me then you know I am a very particular perfectionist. My standards are high. I know this about Myself. And I'm not willing to budge an inch.

The interior paint is finally complete and the new lighting has been installed. Tomorrow holds a real actual furniture of sofas, coffee and side and dining tables and more. Then the storage unit must be unpacked and loaded into the new space. And the art must be hung. Each and every special piece will have it's place.

So more patience you will practice as we round out the month. I want it to be inviting, clean, neatly appointed, everything in it's place and My hands and toys available at an arms reach in which to control you.

Finally, last but certainly not least, I've updated My Amazon wishlist with items I still need for this new space. If you'd like to contribute something(s) I would be ever so grateful. Enough to show you just how much when you're finally under My thumb. *wink*