Sunday, August 15, 2021

Tomorrow Is My Birthday & My Dungeon Is Ready!

The rumors are true. Tomorrow is a milestone birthday for Yours Truly. You should take a swing at spoiling Me rotten. I've been updating My wishlist with things I am currently pining for and wanting for My new dungeon space. Amazon notifies Me of your forthcoming gift(s). Your credit card statement discreetly reads And your gifts are delivered directly to My mailbox.

I'm sure you're probably wondering where I disappeared to... If I old you My life hasn't been busy with the most amazing distractions, meaningful moments and some vacation time too, I'd be lying. And I'm doing really well.

The good news for you is - *drum roll please* - My dungeon space is just about ready to receive you. I'll be tackling My endless inbox and scheduling real-time sessions with fully vaccinated folks who pass My simple screening beginning on August 23rd. If we've previously met please make that clear in your email. And if you've sent an email in the past for a session request, you may update and resend it so it's at the top of My inbox -