Friday, December 3, 2021

Seattle 12/5 thru 12/8 * My Contact Info And...

Dear perverts,

I hope you've been staying out of trouble. *wink*

I've been pleasantly busy training some new-to-Me slaves and submissives. So far, all are doing quite well and responding to My style of training with excellent results. I enjoy playing with generous sluts that follow direction. I realize it may be easy for you to pull out that wallet. But I prefer those that pay attention.

I will be stepping out of town this Sunday, returning Wednesday evening. Headed to Seattle for pleasure and pain. I do not have any others travel plans for the remainder of the year. And I do plan on traveling more often in 2022. Wish for Me to visit your city? Serious inquiries only. While I love traveling, if you wish to schedule some quality time with Yours Truly, it's best you come to Me.

My private dungeon lair is warm, clean, inviting and addicting.
As am I. Be prepared. It is a dedicated play space filled with My arsenal of equipment in three unique rooms to get lost in. Complete with bathroom and shower, a comfy space to sit and negotiate, talk and decompress. Perfect for extended and overnight sessions. There is no other professional space like this in the Salt Lake City area.

Want to submit to Me? - You must be fully vaccinated with a vaccination card. Upon your arrival for a session, you will consent to a C19 home rapid test and have your temperature taken. 

Yes, I am still training other superlative Dommes. If we have already met and you are interested in the possibility of another set of eyes on our next session, make it known. Or perhaps you wish to offer yourself as tribute to have one of My mentees practice on you during one of our sessions, if we have a good rapport, that is. 

I have plenty of availability for sessions throughout the rest of 2021. You may send your request via email, My preferred method of contact. Or attempt to reach Me by phone during My phone hours. Phone time is reserved for consultations and reconfirmation of sessions. And if you call outside of My phone hours, your number will be duly noted and added to My Shit List. So don't do it.

Phone: (503) 891-8487
Phone hours: 10am to 12pm Mountain, daily.

Note: I may or may not be able to answer while in Seattle so send an email or wait until next week to call Me. You may leave a voicemail but know, for privacy purposes, I do not call My clients ever. 

Looking forward to beating you...err....I mean, meeting you.