Thursday, December 9, 2021

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

All you naughty and nice sluts need to report to Me for your stocking stuffer. *wink*  Also, I do not celebrate the Christmas holiday thus I am around and available for sessions through the end of 2021.

Submit yourself to Me.

New-to-Me? - send Me an email that grabs My attention.
Nothing is taboo if requested in a proper manner. 

Not-so-new-to-Me and longing to be at My feet where you belong?
You may send Me an email or try calling during My phone hours to schedule an appointment.

Wish to talk at length and in great detail about your perversions?
You may request a phone session and we can share Dirty Talk.
Tributes for phone sessions accepted via NiteFlirt or Cashapp.

Please note: I am rarely available for same-day sessions. You may try to reach Me as on occasion I do have last-minute cancelations. I never book more than one session per day as I always direct all of My energy onto the lucky slut who has the pleasure of being under My thumb. Also, it's not like I am sitting around waiting for you to call. I
 like to thoughtfully plot our time together. So plan ahead.