Friday, April 22, 2022

Dungeon Updates * Sessions Available * Vaccinations PSA

It's been another busy and abundant week overflowing with a couple of super sinful sessions, some upgrades and additions to the dungeon, hours mentoring My mentees and the training of a new personal slave. I also checked in on the status of a custom bondage bed and cage I've designed and it shouldn't be too much longer.

T-minus two weeks until I depart on a 10-day trip to Florida. I'll be taking a fistful of days to relax on some shell-covered beaches before immersing Myself in the BDSM conference to teach, learn, connect, reconnect, perform, play and fuck. I think this is the 11th or 12th time teaching at this particular convention so it feels kinda like home. Mx. Novatrix will be joining Me for the conference, our first together, and I'm extremely excited to show them around.

If you'd like to schedule a session with Yours Truly either before I leave, or for after I return, you may send your request via email. I typically respond within 24-48 hours but please note, I am rarely available for same-day session so try to plan ahead.

Small flex - all three of the local ads for Dommes on a site that we use for marketing are all working from My dungeon. Makes Me smile.

And finally, a PSA that clearly bears repeating as I continue to receive inquiries - I am only playing with vaccinated humans. Unless, you have a valid reason for not getting it, in which case please do let Me know. But if you are one that does not believe in science or think you know more than virologists and immunologists, do not press send on that email and kindly Fuck All The Way Off.