Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Sploshing Fun & Foot Worship

Years ago, before the jump-off of My professional career, I was tending bar in one of Portland's many titty bars and I had regular customers that would frequent the joint. More specifically, My bar. One of them used to comment on My sensible shoes all the time. Just some simple tennie runners that comfortably carried My peds for hours on end. One day the conversation switched to feet. Specifically, My feet.

This would be My foray into foot worship. He also introduced Me to sploshing and messy food play. One day, from across the bar, he sat and we negotiated a play date. I would meet him at a restaurant of My choosing that was within walking distance of his apartment. I would wear My comfy shoes, of course. We would enjoy a lovely meal, some good wine and talk about feet and shoes and anything else he wished to discuss.

After the meal, we took dessert to go and slowly made our way back to his place. I sat in a comfortable chair and began to teach him about My feet and exactly how I liked them touched, rubbed, licked, kissed and worshipped. I had him remove his clothing and fetch the dessert. He then divulged his fetish in messy play and sploshing. Something I had never experienced.

We went into the bathroom and I had him get in the tub. I picked up the massive piece of chocolate cake and offered him a bite. He got a bite of cake and the rest of what was in My hand smeared on his face. I took another handful of cake and rubbed it all over his front, from head to toe. Followed by some JOI utilizing the chocolate cake as lubricant. By the time we were done, he was a brown sticky mess. 

After he showered, he met Me back in the living room. I had him make Me some tea and I stayed long enough to enjoy another foot rub. We had many dates like this.

Fast forward to today - I do enjoy plenty of foot worship scenes, though I do miss a good sploshing. Interested or curious about learning more, first-hand? Send Me a polite email.

My email: msjulie@juliespanks.com