Friday, April 8, 2022

Indulge Me * Thank you * Couples Sessions

This last week has been full of fun and debauchery. Filled with some extremely hot real-time sessions, mentoring My protege, shopping for sexy work garb, dirty-talking to My slaves, flower planting, fucking, a super hot photo shoot and a mailbox full of prezzies. 

I received not one, but two new pair of boots in My mailbox. I love them. Leather thigh-high boots. Leather knee-high boots. Ankle boots. All the better to bust those nuts and trample you. Thank you to My tie slut for the yummy togs. I'm looking forward to wrapping them tightly around your neck....

I am available for sessions. Wish to submit yourself?
Send Me an email or reach out during My phone hours.

Lastly, as a reminder: I do offer couples coaching but both parties have to be on the same page before we begin. There's no "surprising my lover as a gift" type of offerings from Me. What we do revolves around the consent of all parties involved.