Monday, May 2, 2022

Heads Up, Portland & Thank You

To My long lost Portland stable of submissives - 

I am beginning to plan a trip to My former beloved hometown in the next couple months. Are you ready? Cause I sure am. 

I'm excited to announce that while in Portland, I'll have a beautiful dungeon space available to Me - Subrosa, co-owned by two prominent Women in the industry, Natasha Strange and Mistress Viola

If you're reading this and interested in the possibility of scheduling a session, send Me an email with 'Portland' in the subject line. 

Please note: sessions must be booked in advance. There will be no last minute or same-day sessions offered. If you are new-to-Me, there will be a deposit required. I typically only book one session per day, so if there is a sincere interest, do reach out sooner rather than later to reserve your slot.

My email:

Lastly, thank you to the devotee who chose a Little Black Dress from My Amazon wishlist. There was no note attached but I want you to know that I received it and it fits like a glove. Wish to spoil Me with something from this list? Your credit card statement will simply read and your presents will be sent to My PO Box. My birthday is not for another three months but I love to receive goodies any day of the year. Be sure to include a note so I know it's from you. Unless you want to remain anonymous, of course.