Monday, May 16, 2022

Fuck'n'Learn From Coast to Coast

Back from Florida and it was so very much needed - both the respite and the conference. I taught two classes, sat in on some other classes, played in the dungeon, fucked, enjoyed some burlesque dancers, performed some fiery entertainment myself for few hundred people and had a good ole kinky time with My kinky community. 

I also managed to pick up a matched set of new floggers made from purple and black cowhide. Now to break them in....

And while I am still pretty tired from the jam-packed weekend, I've got to repack My bags for Domcon. No rest for the wicked!

I'll be leaving for Los Angeles on Wednesday morning and will not be back until Sunday evening. If you'd like to schedule a session upon My safe return, do let Me know.

I'm going to be fairly busy at Domcon - attending classes, connecting with other Mistresses, enjoying a High Tea service, playing in the dungeons and more. Therefore I will be hard to reach by phone.
Send your request via email for the quickest response.

In Los Angeles, I will be offering foot worship sessions as well as spanking sessions, from OTK to strict discipline, from the comfort of My suite. Interested? Email Me or respectfully approach Me onsite. 

Until I return, try to behave yourself.

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