Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sessions Available in SLC * Training / Coaching

You've missed Me, haven't you? *smirk*

I've been busy - training sluts and All The Things that keep My hands busy. You know what they say - 'Idle Hands Are The Devils Workshop'.

I am available for sessions in Salt Lake City. I own the only professional, dedicated playspace in the area. My studio is private, clean, inviting, well-located, sexy, stocked with toys and implements in which to control you and furnished with custom pieces designed to fit every body. There is an Exam Room for all of your medical fantasies, a room dedicated to My love of spanking and a primary room I affectionately call The Purple Room. There's also a comfortable conversation area as well as a full kitchen and bathroom.

This August will be My 19th year in this illustrious profession. Nineteen long years of learning, education, experience, sharing, caring, fucking, training, traveling, connecting, self-discovery, self-exploration, authentic self-expression, compassion, love, lust and so much more no college course could have ever taught Me. When it comes to Domination, the one thing that I fell in love with right away was the vast, never-ending pathways of learning new things. New things about human and sexual behaviour that I find fascinating.

And because the world needs more Dommes, I am training other Dominas in this City of Salt. It's time to pass on everything I have learned to the next generation of Dominants. From skill-based and hands-on lessons to how to operate your business on the next level in a most ethical manner. I train Women who are going to shine in this industry. I take it very seriously. Thus, know that any Dominant offering sessions from My dungeon is well-versed and educated.

I also offer coaching and BDSM training to couples, thruples and groups. I am a BDSM educator and travel to conventions, sex shops, adult education seminars, peoples private homes and dungeon spaces to share what I have learned. And I am always educating Myself on new techniques and key safety information. 

Wish to submit yourself to Me? 
Email Me to request an Application - msjulie@juliespanks.com

Looking for a double or triple-Domme session? Look no further.
Email your sincere inquiry and I will respond within 24 hours. 

Overnight and extended sessions are becoming a specialty.
When you wish to fully immerse yourself for a while?
My dungeon playspace is equipped and ready to accomodate.

Looking for an overnight rental where you can make as much noise as you want while having the perverted time of your life? Think kinky bed and breakfast. My playspace is available for private rentals. Combine it with a lesson from Yours Truly and create magic to remember. Please email Me for more information.