Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Submit & Surrender To Me

I've been having a lovely time playing with My new toys.  And it's safe to say that those on the receiving end are enjoying them, as well. Even the toys that don't leave lasting marks. 

The lead-weighted bunny fur flogger is so delicious on the skin. Super soft but also packs a punch if swung with gusto. 

Do I love to leave lasting marks? - Yes.
Do I know how to play harder and leave nothing behind? Also yes.
Do I enjoy Myself if I'm not able to leave My handiwork? Absolutely.

It's all about the power exchange for Me. You see, I enjoy games of power and control. Doesn't really matter what tools I use...
I've been doing this for so long (almost 19 years) because I genuinely love what I do. And I happen to be really good at it.

Curious about scheduling a session with Me?
You may email your questions to Me -
No questions are taboo is asked in a polite manner.

Submit yourself to Me and explore your dark desires with a compassionate, intelligent, understanding and highly-skilled Dominatrix. I will take very good care of you. *weg*