Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Individual, Couples & Double Domme Sessions

I finally was able to run by My mailbox and collect My many boxes.
All gifts from My wishlist. Most from My Tie Slut who loves to shower Me with presents. One package contained a show-stopping black tulle robe fit for a Queen like Me. There was no note attached so if that was you - thank you.

Today also included a Double Domme session with Yours Truly and Lady Bianca. We teamed up against one of Her doting submissives who humbly requested both of us for a session. This boy was well-behaved and very eager to please, arriving (two minutes early) in a sexy purple lace ensemble (purple is My favorite color) that left little to the imagination underneath his vanilla boy clothes. This boy needs direction but is discovering so much about himself in the process. Like what an Undercover Slut he is. More on our steamy session later.

I have appointments available throughout the next month. I will be out of town and unavailable for sessions October 15th through October 22nd so plan your training accordingly.

Interested in the possibility of scheduling a session?
I enjoy sessions with individuals and couples of all dynamics. As well as Double Domme sessions with one of My Dominant cohorts.
Think you can handle it?
Send Me an email: msjulie@juliepanks.com