Friday, October 14, 2022

Out of Town Til 10/22 * Holiday Session Ideas

Tomorrow I am off for a much-needed, fun and relaxing holiday in a warm, tropical location where I can dig My toes into the sand.

I will be away for one week, returning to the City of Salt on the evening of Saturday, October 22nd. I'll be available for sessions on Sunday, the 23rd for the week. Plan your training accordingly as I'm stepping out of town again Friday the 28th through Monday the 31st.

Lucky for you, I do not have any other travel plans this year. That's right, I'll be home for the holidays and looking forward to connecting with those who don't have anything better to do, no family, plans or holiday happenings. Lets make some memories of our own. 

My private dungeon is the perfect getaway for extended, overnight and week(end) long sessions. Come for Thanksgiving - I'll stuff you like a turkey. And if you're a chef, you'll be cooking the feast. 

Again, I am available for sessions Sunday the 23rd through Friday the 28th of October. If you'd like to schedule a session, you may send Me an email with your request. I won't be answering My phone while on vacation, but I will be checking My email every so often.

My email:

Until I return, try to behave. And if that is difficult, sit on your hands.