Monday, April 24, 2023

Back in the Saddle * Sessions Available in SLC

I've safely returned from a much-needed vacation. This winter was a doozy for Me requiring Me to step up My Self Care Game even further. 2023 ain't got shit on Me. Cause I'm on top of the world.

I enjoyed a delightful session this afternoon with a nervous newbie who, by the end of the session, was putty in My hands. As he melted into the floor, he massaged My peds and we talked about subspace and the places his mind visited as he floated through time and space during our session. It was so beautiful. I look forward to guiding him down this road of self exploration.

My schedule is pretty open this week and I am on fire with a passion for this craft. If you'd like to serve Me, play with Me, learn from Me, submit to Me, and massage My feet - you may politely approach.

Email is My preferred method of contact:

What are you waiting for? Cum to Me.