Friday, April 14, 2023

A Brief Update & A Little Vacation 4/15 to 4/22

I bet you're wondering where I've been. Life got super busy with all sorts of good things. And some bad. As is the nature of life. That said, I hope you've been taking extra good care.

An update. Where do I start? Renovations at the dungeon are complete. Or until I start My next project, that is. There have been some design updates that those who visit will be able to enjoy. I've added some new toys to My collection that I will go into on a later post. The weather outside is warming up which means I'll be shedding some layers. More later on that, as well. 

I am blessed to have a very good boy in service. He is so attentive, thoughtful, skilled, smart, communicative, and devoted. We are coming up on an anniversary of One Year in Service and I'd like to possibly move on to the next level. More on that later.

I am grateful to have such a brilliant bevy of submissives, slaves, sissies, sluts, sissy sluts, and spankos that serve Me so beautifully. Whether it is twice a year or twice a month, you come to Me for divination and exploration of self. I am your chosen guide and I am deeply thankful to be entrusted with these very, very special things.
I do not take this lightly.

Yes, I just returned from Portland to do Portland things and drop in on Kinkfest. More on that later. But first, an actual vacation. 

I will be out of town, Saturday, April 15th through Saturday, April 22nd. Thus, I am unavailable for sessions this week. I've been told that where I am headed has limited wifi and phone service which just so happens to be exactly what this Leo needs. So don't expect an email response until I return home. 

But when I do get home, I'll be on the hunt and available for sessions beginning on Sunday the 23rd. So do send your request, I'll respond as I am able and get you on My calendar.

My email:

Until I get home, sit on your hands.