Saturday, August 19, 2023

Serve Me Now * Just 3 Days Until My Sabbatical

First, My birthday this past week was amazing. Thank you for all of the messages, cards, and gifts. One of My most loyal sluts spoiled Me, as any good slut should. Now I'm stocked with more tools of control, a few super large cocks, spandex hoods, a new little black dress, and even more goodies.

It's not too late to send Me something thoughtful - I am celebrating all month. If you'd like to choose something from My Amazon wishlist, your credit card statement will simply read and your present will be sent directly to My post office box.  

Next, I'll be leaving town on Tuesday for My annual sabbatical. Lucky for you, I've still got a little bit of time available for sessions. Both tomorrow (Sunday) and on Monday. 

If you want to get on My calendar, I suggest you bust a move. Send Me an email with your request - I do check it several times a day. 
My email:

My August 20 Year Anniversary Special is still in effect. Schedule a 2-hour or longer session and receive an additional 30 minutes of My time and attention. Times almost up.

If you've been pining to surrender yourself to an experienced Dominant Woman who knows what you need, I'm that person.
Come take a break from your regular day to day and spend some quality time with Yours Truly. My private playspace awaits.