Sunday, September 24, 2023

I Know What You Need * Surrender To Me In SLC

Whether it's a good sound spanking, a few hours in heavy bondage, a naughty medical scenario, some super slutty sissy sketch, one hard beat down, hours of edging, a swift mouth-soaping and strict punishment, or another perverted past-time - I know what you need.

Surrender yourself to a mature, experienced, highly-skilled, well-equipped, seductive, Dominant woman who's got everything She needs to control you between Her shoulders, in the palms of Her hands, and within arms reach. Some of you already know that My hands and fingers are some of My strongest tools. 

But if you're interested in actual tools and implements, that list is quite long. I've accumulated 20 years worth of toys, custom furniture, deviant art, a library of books, a nice boot and heel collection, a stockpile of paddles including a compilation of collegiate paddles, an assortment of collars and restraints, a number of padded leather locking bondage devices, sleepsacks, insertables, electrical toys, hoods, sounds, ropes, chains, suspension capabilities, slings, sissy garb and makeup and wigs and shoes, and so much more. 

Perhaps it's time for a Toy Tour. 

My session calendar is fairly open this week. It's a perfect time for you to schedule yourself some quality time at My mercy. Let go of shame. Let go of anxiety. Connect with your desires and passions.

I know what you need.