Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Cum To Me & Surrender To Your Desires

Since My last post, I've been up to no good. *weg*
Let Me tell you about it... 

First, I had the absolute pleasure of orchestrating another session with My naughty Montana girl. She originally thought she was only interested in spankings, but I opened up a new door and now she's exploring exciting unchartered territory with Me as her field guide. She is a very good girl with fair skin, light red hair and 'no', the curtains do not match the drapes. There are no drapes. And not much else to soak up the stickiness. 

With every session, she is learning to take more pain and seems to have and endless curiosity with the finer nuances of BDSM. Especially in the realm of female submission. Not to mention, we are building a yummy connection and I am keen on taking her far. 

Next up was a super fun session with a new-to-Me couple in a Female Led Relationship. She and I had such a blast torturing, teasing, and tormenting the mostly submissive husband. We laughed at his expense and he enjoyed every single minute of it. I love these types of sessions and I am very much looking forward to our next salacious rendezvous.

Then I fielded an email from a polite business person visiting Salt Lake City and who was looking for a spicy evening. It just so happened that I was available and he presented himself at sunset. Turns out he was an undercover butt slut and foot fetishist. Needless to say, once this was apparent, he was properly used for the duration of our time together. I suspect he'll be finding more reasons to visit.

Finally, I was treated to a session with one of My favorite boy toys. A loyal, devoted supplicant who has been under My thumb for quite a while now. He always showers Me with gifts from My Amazon wishlist, usually toys, or dresses, boots, hosiery or whatever strikes his fancy. This time, in addition to a couple of goodies for Me, he picked up a chastity device. He knows how much I love My boys locked up, so he got one of his own. The morning of our appointment, he locked himself up and drove to the big city. After checking in to his hotel, per My request, he ate a healthy snack, took another shower, and popped one of his little blue pills one hour prior to his arrival. 

Here is his cock about an hour into the session. You can see the swelling and redness protruding the cage. You should have seen him when I was done with him. 

Twenty years in and I am still blessed and highly favored.
Come spend some quality time with Yours Truly.
You will not regret it.

Email Me for an Application: msjulie@juliespanks.com