Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Calling All Tickle Sluts & Foot Fetishists

A little over a week ago, I entertained a very young man who respectfully approached to request a tickle session. Little did he know, I happen to love a good tickle scene.

He was so adorably nervous but by the end, was putty in My hands.

Once restrained, I began with a feather. Teasing him from the tip of his nose to the tip of his toes. He liked it. Then I moved to a feather duster and he clearly enjoyed that, as well.

Bound to the bondage table, I began to tease him with My gloved fingertips. He was so reactive and giggly at this point. His hard penis made it obvious that he was having a good time.

Perched over him, I slowly peeled off My opera length, black leather gloves to reveal My long, sharp stiletto-shaped nails. His eyes grew as wide as saucers. He knew he was in trouble.

I tickled him mercilessly until he could take no more. He giggled through the entire session as I laughed sadistically at his predicaments. His screams and cries, so satisfying. I look forward to him finding his way back to Me for more. 

Tomorrow afternoon, I've got a manicure and pedicure on My calendar.  You want to worship My peds and now is a good time.
Surrender to Yours Truly.