Monday, February 19, 2024

Sessions Available in SLC * Submit & Bend Over

It's already three weeks into February and and if you have yet to surrender, you better get on it. Since I left you, I've been somewhat steady with submissives, spankos, and sluts. But where are you? 

You deserve to explore your sexuality, naughty fantasies, and dark predilections in a safe, sexy and private environment with a highly-skilled, and sensual yet demanding Woman. 

I thoroughly enjoyed a bloody Valentine session with a special piggy masochist. He presented Me with two dozen long-stem roses. I beat him mercilessly with the thorny bouquets. And made him clean up the aftermath. Petals and thorns everywhere.

Sessions have been so much fun as of late due to the many new and wicked predicaments installed at The Mini Manor. If you've been following along, you'd know what I'm referring to. Too many new toys to list but I'll look forward to introducing you to the mix Myself. 

Some include new vibrating toys from Fun Factory, a Venus machine, a sling from My friends at Jim Support, and much more. 

Present yourself to Me and spend some quality time with Yours Truly.
I'll take very, very good care of you. I promise. *weg*

My week is fairly open at this time, so if you'd like you be considered for a session you may send your request via email. Or attempt to reach Me during My winter phone hours. 

I'm rarely available for same-day sessions, so try to plan ahead. I like to thoughtfully plan our time together as I offer an elite and unique Domination experience unlike any other. From the moment you step through My door, you will be under My spell. Each encounter different from the last. Consider Me the teacher and you My forever student.
I want you to learn about yourself and grow, in more ways than one. 

What are you waiting for?