Saturday, February 10, 2024

Surrender At The Mini Manor All Week Long

Due to circumstances beyond My control, I've canceled My trip this week which means My schedule is currently wide open and I'd love to fill the holes. *wink*

Last night I filled the holes of one naughty husband who was presented to Me by his loving, caring, compassionate, and extremely sexy and Dominant wife. Sometimes even the most needy husbands need to be reminded of their place in the home. And occasionally, they are also rewarded for good behavior. It pays to be good. 

Before we began our scene, We had the husband strip naked. He was forced to crawl down the hallway to the Mistress Chamber, placed in leather mitts, restrained and locked in the cage. Then She and I returned to the sitting room to negotiate and plot his demise. 

When we were done, We rejoined him in the Chamber and released him from the cage. He crawled to his Mistress to receive his personal collar and a kiss. Then She left. And left him to My wicked ways.

His adventure began in the cock and ball pillory. Ankles locked, hands restrained. I gleefully whipped his hard cock and taught ballsack as well as his sensitive nipples. And took great pleasure in stinging him all over with a nasty, hand-held electric shock device.

Then I dragged him by the ear to the Exam Room and restrained him to the examination table. There I fucked his cock with large metal sounds. He begged as best he knew how for Me to fuck his cockhole harder and I obliged. It just so happens to be an activity that I adore.

Next, I yanked him into the Fuck Room featuring a shiny new sling.
Dirty things ensued.  

Back in the Mistress Chamber I teased him with more restraints, vibrating things, my body, the Venus, and more. Fortunately he made it to the end of the session just as the Wife returned to fetch him. I threw him in the shower and he drank an apple juice as everyone decompressed and reconnected. 

This husband is a very lucky boy in a healthy Female-led relationship that is rare and beautiful. I look forward to him being rewarded again and again.

To the husband who is reading this and saving this for Future Wanking Material, you are welcome. Now go be a good boy *weg*

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