Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Texas All State Spanking Party Anyone?

I'm tossing around the idea of attending the Texas All State Spanking Party held June 6 to June 9th. It's in Dallas at a hotel where spanking is the sport of the weekend. As you can imagine, this convention draws not only spankophiles and corporal enthusiasts, but also professional Disciplinarians and Dominants who specialize in the area.

In all My years, I have never had the pleasure of attending.
I'm curious if I have any readers or play things in or around the Dallas area. Have you been to this convention? Would you like to meet Me there? Send Me an email -

I will be coming off of a week in Los Angeles that is usually pretty tiring. If not this year, then soon. Though you are all on borrowed time as I will be retiring in nine years. So, don't sleep. Come to Me.

Give Me a good reason, Dallas.