Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Bend Over For Me * Sessions Available in SLC

I've safely returned from Los Angeles after slaying Domcon. 
The convention has always been a blast but this year takes the cake.

I was upgraded to a two room suite which offered ample space for extra curricular activities. My classes were very well attended and well-received. The Pro Domme Social I hosted was a hit - more than 100 drop dead gorgeous Dominant Women dropped by for a quick, healthy lunch, some champagne, and delectable vegan macarons. They were also treated to some custom purple pens, custom black Bic lighters, and super soft purple and black silk blindfolds as gifts.

My assistant was on point all week long, never missing a beat.
Their anticipatory service was second to one - My former minion, dara. They were there to help ground Me, dress Me, undress Me, keep Me on time, massage My body and tired feet, make Me tea and snacks, run My baths, and so much more. 

Friday night, I was invited to a private party for latex enthusiasts in the Beverly Hills. There I ran into a fetish photographer I'd always wanted to sit for. He agreed to take photos of Me that Sunday.
An absolute dream come true.

Here's a few more from My camera to tide you....

Today I played hard with a new-to-Me play toy. It was so very fun. 
I look forward to tormenting him over and over again. *claw flex*

Now I'm hungry for more. Want to surrender to Me?
Your only regret will be not staying for a longer session.