Wednesday, June 19, 2024

It's Hump Day... Bend Over For Me

It's that day of the week again. Though all the sluts I know do not discriminate - they're slutty every day of the week. The real question is - who's going to throw themselves under My dick tonight?

If you have an itch that needs scratching, you should take care of that. I happen to have agile fingers, two sturdy straps, along with a plethora of dicks that will have you on your knees, tongue extended.

I have small, soft, silicone dicks for beginners. I've got beautiful, stiff, ribbed, glass dildos. Average-sized cocks in many colors.
As well as larger dicks, ridiculous monster tentacles, and inflatable insertables to stretch you out. And let us not forget about My fists.

Don't enjoy butt stuff? Not to worry - you are not alone!
There are countless activities to engage in that won't get you pregnant or put you to sleep. Like a nice, leather massage, a good spell over My knee. or a fresh mouth soaping. How about a restless night of sleep in an uncomfy cage, a routine trip to the doctor's office, or an appointment with a barber for a hot shave and wax?

I could dress you up, dress you down, and tie you upside down. 
Whatever it is that you crave, I've got you covered. Let's explore the dark corners of your desires. Take My hand, I know the way.

So many games, so little time. If you'd enjoy being swept off your feet, literally and figuratively, come spend some quality time with Yours Truly at The Mini Manor. I'll take very, very good care of you.