Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sluts Be Slutty * Submit to Me This Week

Typically, I like to play on Sundays, also known as Sinday in My world. But I've had a pretty busy go as of late, so I'm using today to rest.

My week was rounded out with another sensually, smutty session with one of My most loyal sluts who has had the pleasure of serving Me for several years, if not longer. This one is kind, courteous, thoughtful, generous, and slutty. Always pampering Me with gifts hand-selected from My wishlist.  Recently, he chose a sexy, black, lace catsuit so, of course, that is what I planned to wear. I slipped into it moments before his arrival as I knew I would need some assistance to zip it up.
Lucky boy. 
He has grown to be fascinated with the idea of chastity. A seed I planted long ago. He has worn one of My devices for an evening before a scheduled session, but he has also been looking for one (or two) of his own. This is what he presented to Me upon surrendering.
To My delight, a robust, formidable, metal cage that was fitting pretty snug. And then, I began to manipulate and torment him until his poor little cock turned purple, bulging, and swollen. 
Once released, he had superficial marks from the cage easily massaged out as he is forced to orgasm followed with some post-orgasm torture. I relish in tormenting him, over and over again.
Before he left, I had him unzip Me.

I was also thrilled to have a longer session with a new-to-Me, young, sturdy piece of man-meat. We had so many common interests and after speaking with him over the phone, I knew I could arrange for a mind-blowing experience that he will never forget. And that he did.

He loves pain which calls to My sadistic heart. The session was filled with all sorts of devious activities - bondage, sounds, flogging, more bondage, nipple play, cock and ball bondage and torture, lots of slutty butt stuff, whipping, and even more. No photos were taken as, like most of My clients, privacy was of utmost concern.

He was so hungry, begging Me for more of everything. I have a feeling he will find his way back sooner rather than later. And I'll be ready. Ready to lure him in with more of My potent spells of divination.

I do have time available for sessions this week. If you would like to schedule a session, you may send an email with your request. Or ring Me during My phone hours. Contact info is on the right.

I realize it may be easy for you to pull out your wallet, however, I prefer to play with those that pay attention and follow directions.
Do you know how to do just that?
Present yourself and surrender.