Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Public Outings * Dinner Dates * Follow Up

I'm a sophisticated Domme who enjoys a good conversation over a nice dinner. I am a cultured Mistress who enjoys the arts. And I am a well-traveled Woman who's been riding on planes since I was an infant. I grew up wanting to be a flight attendant and while that didn't happen, I did spend a decade in the travel business, pre-9/11 and TSA. that allowed Me to travel the world. Travel is one of My biggest passions. Needless to say, I make a stellar travel companion.

Soon I'll be sharing some very special travel opportunities for the qualified, submissive gentlehuman. They will feature trips specifically for subs and their Mistress, mostly out of the country so you must have a passport and a generous quality about you.
Stay tuned.

Follow up on My last blog post - the sexy lingerie set came from one of My most loyal boy toys who was quick to request a session for obvious reasons, of course. And judging by his awestruck saucer-sized eyes, he enjoyed the ensemble thoroughly. 

It's simply too hot for clothes. Come play while the temps are in your favor. I have some time available for good boys, toys, sluts, sissies, and masochists. You'll find My contact info and protocol on this page. 

What are you waiting for?